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We are RF Jammer/Prison Jammer/Bomb Jammer/EOD Jammer/RCIED Jammer manufacture in China for many years. Our mission is: We Save lives and Prevent Leakage of Confidence.

Wolvesfleet Bomb Jammers Are Saving Lives Every Day

How do you think, what was and still is the most influential and killing weapon used by terrorists in probably all military conflicts across the world? You have possibly heard about it – it is IED. If not – read more information about it next.


IED is spelled as Improvised Explosive Device – the home-made explosive device, detonated by means of GSM or other kind of wireless signal. It may be located nearly anywhere: roadway, field, mountains, hills, and other places. During the world military conflicts IEDs were utilized quite often as very dangerous and very lethal measures to be scared of.


Bomb jamming devices are becoming better along with technical progress. They are adapted in such manner that no intervention between them may appear. They are tuned for various sorts of IEDs and various frequencies. E.g., bomb jamming device Warlock Duke intercepts modern signals and jams them without interfering with other frequencies.


There are in addition other bomb jamming devices titled Warlocks (Red, Green, Blue and other colors). They are all created for various frequencies and IEDs accordingly. But the most significant thing to mention is that those bomb jammers are becoming more effective regarding the important job they are doing.


As your country’s citizen, you have three main reasons to use bomb jammers.


Firstly, if whichever of your family members or other people you love is a soldier, you’ll know about U.S. government pays out plenty of money and makes a lot of researches to maintain the greatest protection of people who struggles for their homeland. For your information, $17 billion were paid out this year to buy 50.000 units of bomb jammers from various suppliers.


car charger bomb jammer Secondly, thanks to this article you are more informed about what is happening at the contemporary battlefields and how difficult contemporary military conflicts are. Nowadays war is driven not only by means of various kinds of deadly weaponry but also with the help of modern electronic tools.


And thirdly, you’ll know definitely that bomb jammers have the greatest dependability when they are functioning. So when you begin utilizing bomb jammers to jam irritating signals around you, bear in mind that the best technical accomplishments were implemented to create, produce and manufacture this kind of jammers.


And someday it can be you who would rescue somebody’s life.


The thing is that for terrorists using improvised explosive devices is very cheap and effective way to kill enemy soldiers. They have mastered this method very well and for better performance made distant detonators. Those detonators are activated by means of mobile phone signals or in rare cases by other types of radio signals as well.


If you take into consideration that in the modern society old cell phones are cheap (you can probably add word “very” before the cheap) you would see that if they have other components (which they apparently have) it is quite easy for them to build improvised explosive devices. And after building those devices all they have to do is to install them somewhere in the hidden places and wait for enemy soldiers to come. And only bomb jammers can save our soldiers from this kind of explosive trap.

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