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Angular 2 and Angular can be compared to fraternal twins and while they may look the same, they differ from each other in so many ways. Angular 2 is not the latest upgrade, but rather a complete rewrite of Angular and comes packed with many more features that Angular was previously lacking.

Angular 2 is a modern, cross-platform and scalable framework that simplifies the process of designing a front-end framework.

The first and foremost, it completely changes the language it is written in and now uses Microsoft’s TypeScript instead of ECMAScript, which was used in Angular. However, don’t panic, TypeScript is backward compatible with ECMAScript, allowing developers to use the benefits of both TypeScript as well as JavaScript (aka ECMAScript).

Angular 2 has also shifted focus from primary desktop development to mobile development and has even incorporated OOP, or object oriented programming into the language.

It is truly a great programming skill to have on hand. If you want to add this to the list of your skills on your Resume, then here are 10 amazing resources to start learning Angular 2. The best part, you don’t even need to know Angular 1 and can still straightaway jump to Angular 2.

1. Angular Docs

     The best place to get the most accurate and clear information is the Docs that are provided by the team or community that developed the language. The Docs covers the basics of the language and all the important changes that come with the latest Angular 2. It also simplifies each and every new concept that is introduced in the language.

2. Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers

Eduonix is a growing company for technology tutorials and has a great comprehensive course on Angular 2 fundamentals. It covers the basics of Angular 2 and also covers how the differences translate from the first Angular to the Angular 2. In addition the theory behind Angular 2, this Angular 2 online course will also cover the practical aspects of AngularJS 2 by helping you create an actual project using the framework.

3. ng-book 2 – The complete book on AngularJS 2

If you are a more of a hardcover book kinda person, well then this is a great book to have on your desk. The ng-book 2 is an in-depth and up-to-date book on AngularJS 2. It is co-written by a seasoned Angular 2 programmer Ari Lerner who has around 20 years of programming experience. You will learn everything from basics to more advanced concepts or as the website puts it, the book will show you the forest and not just the trees.

4. AngularJS Tutorials

There is a whole YouTube channel that is dedicated to having short Angular 2 tutorials as well as a large full Angular 2 online course that is over an hour and a half. The channel is constantly updated with new videos of different Angular 2 concepts and tackles aspects of Angular 2. A great answer to many people’s how to learn Angular 2.

5. Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide

Mosh Hamedani is a great teacher and has numerous web development videos on Udemy. This particular course has over 5,000 students enrolled and is a great resource to start learning Angular 2.  In addition to the fundamentals, this Angular 2 course also covers TypeScript and how to code in TypeScript.

6. Angular 2 Fundamentals Course

A good fundamentals course from programmer John Lindquist, who is also the co-founder of this website. This short course of 20 lecture videos is currently in the pre-release stage but it covers the fundamentals of AngularJS 2.

7. Learn AngularJS 2: The Basics

An intermediate Angular 2 tutorial that is aimed at web developers who are looking to add Angular 2 to their list of skills. A 2 hour course that covers the basics as well as the more complex concepts of Angular 2. is a good tutorial website and covers numerous topics on various topics. To access the videos on the website, you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

8. Getting Started with Angular 2 using TypeScript

This tutorial in addition to breaking down the fundamentals of Angular 2, also helps you set up the environment and the repository. It’s sort of a step by step break down of how to get started with Angular 2. A great resource for someone who is clueless as to where they should start from.

9. Learn Angular 2

A whole website has been dedicated to teaching AngularJS 2. Learn from why Angular 2 to the lifecycle of an app to even ES6 and its relationship to TypeScript. A brilliant resource to get started with Angular 2. However, this one is purely a theoretical platform for learning Angular 2 and you might want to check out some other resource as well for examples on coding.

10. Angular 2 Tutorials Blog

This one is for the advance developers that already know how the basics of Angular 2. This resource is a blog that covers different tips and tricks and shows you how to combine technologies to create something new. With a major focus on Angular, it also incorporates other technologies to create something different.

These are a few of the many different resources that are available on the great Google. However, this article shortlists some of the great resources that exist. Using one particular resource or a combination of them, you can definitely get started with coding in Angular 2. The rest of it you will learn from constantly practicing with the language.

If you think we have missed any more excellent Angular 2 tutorials that can benefit the reader, please drop us a message in the comments section and let us know.

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