Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler PUMP CONSULTING

by Carlee Casteel Deep Blue Group of Company

Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps PUMP CONSULTING


Renroc Group is pleased to offer pump consulting services. As a part of our pump consulting we are committed to providing comprehensive services to engineers, end users of all pump types, and to pump manufacturers.


The company’s Technical Engineering Manager and principal consultant, Matthew Thompson, is a registered professional engineer, who holds a Bachelor of Mechatronics with 1st Class Honors from Monash University.


Along with our other engineers on Staff, Renroc Group has more than forty years of practical engineering experience in the field of pumps and pump systems.


Services that we offer include;

• Pump selection and analysis, speed selection,

• Layout drawings and installation details.

• Pump applications, performance curves, and system operating characteristics;

• Cavitation and NPSH analysis,

• Multi-pump operation, complex systems and siphon systems;

• Pump design, model testing, performance determination, curve extrapolation, and bearing selection;

• Piping and conduit design, calculation of friction losses in pipes, valves and fittings;

• Materials selection for pumps and piping systems to suit the applications;

• Flow measurements, witnessed factory, or field testing and review reports;

• Analysis and solutions to existing problem stations;

• Economics of pumping systems-computer analysis of direct and indirect costs, operating costs, and plant life analysis;

• Vibration and noise – shaft vibrations, torsion critical speed analysis, and noise analysis;

• Shaft design and analysis;

If you would like to be contacted about our pump consulting services please go to the contact us section and either email or phone us to discuss your requirements.

Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps

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Latosha Magdaleno Junior  Deep Blue Group of Company
Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps Deep Blue Pump Company
One of the largest producers of API 610 pumps, Deep Blue Pump Company, is now exclusively represented in the Australian oil, gas and petrochemical market, through Renroc Group Pumps & Engineering.

With Headquarters in The Netherlands, and manufacturing and engineering facilities in Dalian, Deep Blue Pump Company has made an exclusive sales, marketing and service agreement with Melbourne based, Renroc group. The agreement covers the Australasian market for our program of API and ANSI pumps.

Deep Blue Pump CO. is now ready to capture a larger share of the Australasian market. The company likely to be one of the largest API pump manufacturers worldwide with thousands of pumps being sold, and ambitious plant expansions.

Existing customers are oil majors such as Petrobrass, Petronas, Shell, Technip, Modec and Teekay. Deep Blue Pump Co. has also succeeded in supplying to the highly restrictive and quality conscious nuclear power market.

Deep Blue Pump Co. is a fully integrated pump producer. The company has a large engineering team, as well as a sizeable foundry, pattern-shop and machining facilities. Furthermore, they have modern facilities for material analyses, destructive and non- destructive testing.

Deep Blue Pump Co. is now embarking upon constructing one of the largest pump flow testing facilities in the world. As for electric motors and mechanical seals Deep Blue is already working with the world’s leading manufacturers.

Renroc Group sees great opportunity in bringing the high quality efficient pump producer Deep Blue Pump Co. to the Australasian markets. Renroc Group is known for representing high quality, competitive products, and with workshops in all respective regions, will surely be a positive factor in commissioning work when it comes to deliveries to FPSOs and other installations in the oil and gas marketplace.
Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps
Jan 20th 2014 21:59   
Joshua Fraser Junior  Deep Blue Group of Company

A World Class Pump and Engineering Company
Quality: We are fully committed to the functionality, value, speed, suitability and reliability of our products and services.
Safety: Excellence in safety and health in the workplace is a core value.
Sustainability: We are committed to conducting business throughout the world in a manner that protects the environment.
Relationships: Committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.
People: We equip, inspire and empower our people to be their best.
Creative: Creating exceptional solutions to meet our customers needs. Whether its new products, new ideas or new technology.
Integrity: Respect and equitable treatment for all, while maintaining honesty without compromise.


Advanced engineering and latest-generation technologies can only provide optimal safety if
quality assurance measures are taken during the manufacturing process.
We have a quality assurance program that encompasses the entirety of the products lifecycle.
This is an integral part of our company policy. Quality also acknowledges the recognition of
mutual responsibility between manufacturer and customer.
The Renroc Group and our manufacturers honour this recognition by implementing secure
processes. We regard Quality Management to be a diverse process which unites tried and
tested tradition with new standards.
Standards Adhered to: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Jan 21st 2014 19:44   
Hank Biel Junior  Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps
RENROC GROUP PUMP TRAINING Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps
The Renroc Group would be pleased to have the opportunity to plan a comprehensive technical information sessions with your engineers over lunch (Lunch & Learn)
We have an extensive industrial pump range and we can offer a variety of presentations that will benefit your engineers in the standards of pump construction and the selection of pumps in specialised industries.

We offer comprehensive presentations in:
API 610: Centrifugal pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries (approximately 30-45min)
API 685: Sealless pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical, Gas Industries Services (approximately 45-60min)
Side Channel Pumps – Low Flow/High Head, self-priming gas handling pumps (approximately 25-40min)
Pump Protection (approximately 25-40min)

ASME B73.1 versus API 610 (approximately 15-30min to be delivered in conjunction with API 610)
Sealless Canned Motor Pumps: Design & Applications (approximately 60-75min)
Understanding Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps (approximately 60-75min)
Mechanical Sealed Pumps versus Sealless pumps
To read further and to plan your next lunch & learn session please review the lunch & learn brochure here and contact us to book it in.
We offer these training sessions in:
Australia (All States)
New Zealand
**Other locations upon request
Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps
Jan 22nd 2014 21:38   
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