Rapid Application Development Platform (RADP) can empower your enterprise business

by Kay P. Enabling Digital Transformation For Small & Medium

As an IT leader, when it comes to thinking about application development, are you moving ahead in the direction of innovation or are you still struggling with the decision - whether to build or to buy? A Forrester study says that more than 80% organizations are stuck in the decision whether they should buy a solution available in the market or build their own application. On the contrary, the smarter organizations (around 20%) have already started reaping the benefits of Rapid Application Development Platform (RADP).

With the innovative Rapid Application Development Platform, you can build and modify mobile and web apps much faster than ever before. RAD platforms can bring value to your organization and IT strategy in multiple ways. Here are 9 ways RADP can empower your organizations:

1. Streamline your IT Ecosystem

Another Forrester study says that nearly 45% of organizations use more than 100 applications in a week alone. Further, one-third of these would be using more than 1000 applications or even more in a week. This number would multiply further when spreadsheets, databases, emails, and other regular apps are added. Accessing this widely spread data translates to redundancy, slower processes, high support costs along with challenges in managing data and maintaining its security. A RAD platform streamlines your IT ecosystem, helping you configure several applications on a single and common platform. This means your product can be managed easily, making it much simpler for the business users to get their work done.

2. Provide Solutions Rapidly

With low code, there is an assurance of quick application rollout, which means that the business problems can be solved rapidly. End-users can use comprehendible visual tools without the need of programming or coding. With the minimal need of hand-coding and least investment in training and deployment, RADP offers a much required practical solution. You will be able to reduce time to market for custom application development with the modular approach that the RAD platform provides.

3. Centralized Data Management

The significance of a centralized database increases for the organizations that develop multiple applications. With a great RADP, database management will be the last thing to be concerned about! The platform practically provides all the every capability that is expected from a top-notch database. Hence, with a minimal complexity, there are powerful scalability features that you can utilize.

4. Modifying the Application

Once you start working on your application, you might need to make certain modifications as per the upcoming requirements. Your team could be presenting many ideas to accommodate these requirements. For instance, an app that automates lead generation can need more streamlining in daily operations. With RADP, these modifications can be done very quickly without re-deployment of the application. In case, you had opted for off-the-shelf solutions, every time you ask your product vendor to make a change, there would be an additional cost that you would need to pay.

5. Minimize Information Silos

An effective RAD platform ensures that there is an integration of structured and unstructured data. This helps in removing data silos as RADP allows sharing of the database as well as the content repository. Even across discrete line-of-business structures, a RAD provides capabilities to synch information. This integration creates a wonderful experience for the end-users. It is expected, that in the coming years, the demand for this embedded content will swell, hence this capability of creating stronger connections between data and content will be even more imperative.

6. Floating Over Your Existing Systems

RADP platform enhances your existing IT investments, by floating over the existing systems. A single click allows integration with hundreds of different applications along with inbuilt connectors. This facilitates communication among your current ERPs, CRM, and others. RADP capitalizes on nimbleness, gets people and processes together and achieves collaboration and speed.

7. Exceeding User Expectations

With RADP business users can participate in app creation through providing feedback continuously. With visual models, customers can also experience direct participation. With this kind of user engagement, changes as per the needs of the user can be made along the way and gradually a system can be created which can not only meet their expectations but exceed them.

8. Gaining New Insights

Great RADP allows you to quickly build, an intelligent, and context-aware application that can exploit evolving technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, and Cognitive services. Internet of Things is a powerful force and an effective RADP can digitally enable the engineers to transform the operations of any organization.

9. Built-In Security

Apps designed for an enterprise have a large user base and will also have an impact on related systems in the organization. Hence, it is critical to understand that security is one of the most crucial considerations while building and deploying an app. A Rapid Application Development Platform ensures that there is a strong protection against data leakage and security policies are adhered to. With RADP your apps are safe all the way from design to deployment with the cutting-edge security features.

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With a great RADP, your organization will be standing in a secure position to deliver secure mobile apps that enrich the user experience, cut downtime and develop the strong groundwork for growth and advancement.

Now when you are looking for a RAD platform that helps you transform your ideas into solutions, choose HokuApps as your RAD platform enterprise. HokuApps platform allows you to adopt custom workflows providing support to a diverse line of business. Our low code design helps in enhancing collaboration by quickly integrating discreet apps and data. To empower users to build smart and agile solutions in sync with present workflows, HokuApps is the RAD platform enterprise you must partner with. At HokuApps we strive to make the applications entirely intuitive and user-friendly.

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