Prevention of childhood obesity start from the following five aspects

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Many parents can not understand what the child's standard weight range, simply think fat is better than thin. In fact, this is very wrong, Obesity does not mean good, there may even lead to other diseases, So parents should understand the prevention of childhood obesity.

Strategy 1, drink juice and water, drink less sweet beverages air max

Most obese children love Coke, Sprite and other carbonated beverages, These drinks sugary, high-calorie, drink, baby is not fat strange.

Therefore, controlling the baby to drink carbonated beverages is an important way to help your baby to lose weight. Normally,air max 90 the mother should instead try to use unsweetened fruit juice and water. Before dinner, my mother let kids drink juice, A glass of juice into the stomach, small stomach capacity also running out.

Strategy 2, do not eat too much

In kindergarten, children sometimes eat point, And my mother repeatedly confessed to the teacher, the children eat almost do not give. At home, the mother should be noted, Do not see the children like to eat what you eat an unlimited number of children, so as not to stretch the child's stomach, so children will eat more. Usually two meals interval allows children to eat fruit, during get a meal, child hunger overeat.

Strategy 3, parents, grandparents opinions to unify

To seek the support of all family members, In particular, to "get" grandpa and grandma. Otherwise they a soft-hearted,air max schweiz while parents push their children to lose weight, Grandparents nutritional supplements to children in the back lot, Or even directly to parents to be directly negative practices, then weight loss is bound to heavy resistance.

Strategy 4, a balanced diet, but also eat meat and vegetables

Most obese children are like meat, not like to eat vegetables, This makes some of the baby fat is very serious nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, parents should gradually develop the children eat anything good habits.

Children's eating habits are rarely born, most parents depend on the acquired example. If you tell a child a kind of foods both nutritious and delicious, while they all stay away each time, but will make children more disgusted with it, causing the baby's eclipse. Therefore, parents trying to get children to eat vegetables, he himself also a good example.

Strategy 5, watch less TV, more exercise

Dinner, television put mostly cartoons, Therefore, in order to let the children quiet and smooth to eat, the parents let the children watching TV while feeding, But doing so is not good, so easily lead to fed too much. In addition, parents can find life, watch TV, less movement of children is mostly fat.

In order to prevent further fat down, the whole family that mobilize the enthusiasm of the children, to accompany him for a walk or do other sports in the district. Experts believe the child to overcome inertia, should be encouraged, rather than forcing children exercise. If children do not like running, then taught him to play or games. If a child does not like to do 40 minutes of exercise, Then one day four or five times, every 10 minutes, but also to achieve fitness results.  

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