POKER TIPS - Improve Your Poker Game

by Erez Gordan Internet Marketing

Your main goal should be – becoming a better poker player. You don't need to focus on how you make money out of it, that's just a benefit. You need to practice your poker skills, with high motivation on the improvement, by setting goals in one poker variation of your choice. By doing that you can become better fairly quickly – without thinking of the time it takes to get better, and relax by practicing. Those tips are efficient both for table poker of any kind and online poker as well.


Tips for practicing


  • To become a better player you need to be more passive, meaning you should not play every hand, don't attack but fold. Playing each hand is a rooky mistake. Being a part of the action is not a method of playing poker and that means you don't need to play hand that can harm your winning streaks. You need to choose when and where to attack and that's why you can't allow yourself to play each hand. If you play all hands you need to upgrade your bidding and that might cause you a great loss you money.
  • Some poker games are played in pubs. That's bad as when you're getting drunk your poker games weakens. You are better to be observed and to be figured out by the other players and your poker face vanishes. If you can be relaxed after one beer, then fine, but not more than that. It's a psychological game and you need to concentrate.
  • Poker face is the matter of the game – but you don't need to bluff just to make a statement. Never believe other players, but you need to respect them and trust their integrity – and if they can't trust yours, you won't be played with no more. Beginners think bluffing is a great part of poker but that's a major mistake. Bluff is a tool and it works when it's required – so use it wisely. Also, this trick does not work on any type of player, so choose where and whom against to use it, or you'll get a taste of your own medicine.
  • Don't remain in just because you're already playing. You're not obligated to remain in the hand just for the reason you're already in it. Beginners think they have to remain in just because they have placed money in the pot. Losing some money it's not like staying and losing more, right?
  • On the contrary to what's written above, don't stay in just to be the sweet angle guy. Sometimes you need to consider staying in just to confuse the other player and eventually win. Leaving just to remain honest can create you a name of a weak player and that's never good. They need to trust your integrity, remember?
  • Poker game is a fight through human psychology. Meaning you need to be a 100% focused on winning and getting better. That's why you can't play when you're drunk and that’s why you need to put the goal on practicing and mastering one game. For that reason you need to be in a good mood when playing: don't play if you're angry, don't play if you're feeling blues, and don't play if you are depressed. The other players will detect it and this will cause your lost. This is an emotional game, keep this in mind at all times.
  • It's very important to remain focused on the cards that are on the table. In some variations of poker – this means the game, and they will conclude on who's winning and losing.


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