Pass Your Exam On First Try Real IBM C2010-040 Exam Braindumps

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C2010-040 exam is becoming more and hotter, many people start preparing the exam and hope to pass the exam without a hitch. Once you go through the C2010-040 exam practice test from thoroughly, you will 100% pass your exam at the first try.


Which POWER6 virtualization technology is the minimum to enable multiple shared processor pool functionality?


A.     PowerHA Standard Edition

B.     PowerVM Standard Edition

C.     Power6 Management Edition

D.     Power6 Virtualization Edition


Answer: B



What is the minimum amount of memory required for a new LPAR to be built via NIM on AIX6.1?


A.     128 MB

B.     256 MB

C.     512 MB

D.     1024 MB


Answer: B



A recently installed package needs to be rolled back to aprevious version. Which of the following commands will perform the task?


A.     reject

B.     cleanup

C.     deinstall

D.     uninstall


Answer: A



How can a JFS2 filesystem be added to a volume groupthat has insufficient space to host a log LV?


A.     Create the filesystem with an inline log.

B.     Create the filesystem referring to the jfs2log in rootvg.

C.     Create the filesystem and format the logical volume with 'logform'.

D.     Create the filesystem's underlying logical volume with an inline log.


Answer: C



Which of the following allows multiple applications toshare a single operating system resource?


A.     Logical Partition

B.     Workload Partition

C.     Dynamic Logical Partition

D.     Shared Processor Logical Partition


Answer: B



When ordering a new IBM Power Systems server, a customer is given the option of two types of Hardware Management Console:7042-CR4 and 7042-C06.Which main difference between the options would influence the customer's decision?


A.     The 7042-CR4 is a rack mounted model, compared to the 7042-C06, which is a desktop.

B.     The 7042-CR4 is limited to 16 managed systems, compared to a limit of 32 for the 7042-C06.

C.     The 7042-C06 has faster CPUs and twice the RAM compared to the 7042-CR4,which is suited to large enterprise deployments.

D.     The 7042-C06 can manage POWER5-based hardware, in addition to POWER6, while the 7042-CR4 can only manage POWER6-based hardware.


Answer: C



Which port must be open on the HMC to allow remote web access?


A.     22

B.     80

C.     443

D.     8080


Answer: C



Which are the two main uses of a VIO server?


A.     Virtualize network and memory to LPARs.

B.     Virtualize network and storage to LPARs.

C.     Virtualize memory and processors to LPARs.

D.     Virtualize storage and processors to LPARs.


Answer: B



What is the theoretical maximum number of logical ports that a one port of a 2-port 10Gb IVE can provide if no VIO Server is connected to the IVE?


A.     2

B.     4

C.     8

D.     16


Answer: D



An administrator wants to deploy a complex LPAR environment on a 595. What is the most current tool available for documenting the proposed LPAR configuration and determining if there are adequate IO resources?


A.     LPAR Planning Tool.

B.     System Planning Tool.

C.     LPAR Validation Tool.

D.     System Validation Tool.


Answer: B



Where will an administrator find documents in PDFformat that include detailed architecture and step-by-step installation instructions for Power servers?


A.     AIX Fix Central

B.     IBM Developer Works

C.     IBM Systems Software Information Center

D.     IBM Systems Hardware Information Center


Answer: D



Which of the following is a situation where dual (redundant) HMCs are recommended?


A.     When managing more than four VIO servers.

B.     When installed with Power 570 and larger hardware.

C.     When hosting both Linux and AIX on the same physical hardware.

D.     When unexpected outage on a single HMC would prove an untenable risk for the hosted LPARs.


Answer: D



A customer has a requirement for a single AIX LPAR to be highly available. The customer only has enough funding to purchase a single system. Which would be the most critical option to mitigate AIX availability?


A.     Dual power supplies.

B.     Twice the amount of disk.

C.     Two dual-port LHEA adapters.

D.     Two dual-port fibre channel adapters.


Answer: A



Which command restores files from a volume group backup on a specified media?


A.     mksysb -r

B.     savevg -r

C.     restorevg -r

D.     restorevgfiles


Answer: A



A non-root user can run rsh commands from serverA to serverB, but attempts to run rsh commands by the root user return with apermission error message. What action will resolve the problem?


A.     Add root user to the /etc/hosts.equiv on serverB.

B.     Create $HOME/.rhosts file for the root user on serverB.

C.     Restart the rshd daemon with root enabled option on serverB.

D.     Add entry to allow root user from serverA to the /etc/hosts.allow on serverB.


Answer: D

Pass Your Exam On First Try Real IBM C2010-040 Exam Braindumps

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