Painting in Dubai: To learn a beautiful and expressive art in dubai

by Raj Kamal so cool
This world is full of a various types of art such as dance, singing, crafting and painting. Every art has its own charm. You can’t compare one from other as they are totally different by looks but are capable to give a feeling of happiness to mind and body. People have different hobbies according to their taste and interest. One such hobby is painting. Painting is the art of life as it is the life of the artists. It is truly an art as it is given by god. Sometime you don’t even need to learn it, it resides in you. You can see many people around you who have not received any training but still good painters To be a professional you need a little training that can sharp your skills. Painting is such an art that is easily acceptable by parents and they see it as respected art so they easily send their children for painting classes. Even in very orthodox countries and cities like Dubai you can freely learn this. There are many institutes of painting in Dubai.

Paintings can be naturalistic and representational such as landscape, it can be photographic or abstract, can be loaded with narrative content to symbolize something like emotion or be political in nature. Painting is the medium to articulate your thoughts or the beauty of nature on canvass with the help of colors. It is something that can make things alive. This art is so strong in itself that you can easily guess about the nature of the painter as it is directly related to the feelings of the artist. A painter can make thing realistic, it feels like the persons from the painting will come out or speaking something. You can learn different types of paintings in Dubai.

We all have heard the famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo the Vinci. It is the world famous painting. By this you can guess the popularity of the art and the artist as well. Every creative person who is interested in painting can be as famous as he is, all you need is proper training. The need of training is is also important as there is not only one thing or a single way to paint. There are enormous types of paints and painting methods and all have different properties. Color and paint are the inevitable part of painting like the rhythm in music and dance. Every color say something, it can be the symbol of some specific thing or feeling. Generally artists paint with some specific colors and painting stuffs as to paint with each material he has to take care of many things like variety, amount, texture, base material, painting sheets and many more. It can also be said as no one can be expert in all types, some are exceptions.   Let’s have a look of some type of paints:

•Oil: it is the most common painting material some because of its advantages and some because of the ease of painting by oil paints. Oil paint ultimately became the chief medium used for creating artworks.

•Pastel: this is also a well known medium of art after oil paint. Color effect of pastels is closer to the natural dry pigments than that of any other process but it needs some extra care as its surface is sensitive. So glass framing is advised to keep it safe and attractive for a long time.

•Acrylic: it dries very fast and is used by many famous painters. It is one more advantage that it can be diluted with water but became water resistant after dry.

•Water Color: these are the water soluble colors and are first choice of the beginners as they are cheap and can easily use and most of all it is used on paper.

•Ink: Ink paintings are done with a liquid that contains pigments and/or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image or a particular design. Ink is used for drawing with a pen, brush, or quill.

Apart from these there are many other mediums of art like hot wax, fresco, enamel, spray paint etc.

A painting always enhances the beauty of your home and if it is made by you it becomes a precious thing. So if you want to be painter and renown you should definitely go for painting classes in a reputed institute or be a well known painter.  There are many institutes where you can learn this even if you want to learn this just for fun or in free time you can learn it in vacations. Many schools of painting organize camps like the summer camp in Dubai. It is really a precious thing as a good painting can be of crore rupees worth.

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