Our first product is Liftago Taxi!

by Anna Novakova Independent Marketing Partner
Please welcome: Liftago Taxi!

Why Taxi?

Our vision is to provide a hassle-free transport solution for people around the world and pave the way for the mobility of the future! As our first product we wanted to pick a transportation business that would meet several criteria. First, it had to be a business with low level of service provided with current technology. Second, it had to be a business that in its nature offers benefits to the city transport of today. Third, it had to be a business with a profit potential to fund our further products and ventures. Taxi business met all these criteria.

How much can I earn as a marketer with Liftago community business?

It is really up to you and up to your marketing skills. Imagine you can attract 10 marketers in the first line of your community and they will each attract 5 other marketers and 5 passengers from anywhere around the world into their own first line. Then their first line marketers will do the same and so on. Now there are almost 40 000 passengers in the six lines of your community. If they take a single Liftago ride every month, you can get more than a thousand of dollars a month as a reward. What if they take more rides? What if you attract taxi drivers into your community and help them become marketers who market Liftago Taxi to all the passengers they meet every day? It is only up to you to maximize the potential of your community!

Why Liftago distributes taxi ride bonus in six levels of a marketing community?

We made a lot of research and analysis to design the reward plan so that it offers a strong financial motivation and at the same time it enables marketers to profit from spreading their marketing activities internationally thanks to other markets from different countries. Six levels was the optimal number.

 How can I start profiting from Liftago community business?

As soon as you complete your registration, you will receive a handy email with information about next steps you can take while still before Liftago launch to maximize your profit potential. Your goal is to build your community by inviting other marketers to join using your invite code. Other marketers will help you extend your reach (even into other countries where Liftago launches) and register many more passengers and drivers into your community. Your community will start generating earnings as soons as passengers in your community start using Liftago to take a taxi ride.

How does the invite code work?

In the pre-launch phase, your Join Something New invite code enables you to build your own community of marketers. Anyone registering with your invite code will belong to your community. At the same time, we will activate a website that will serve as a pre-launch registration for drivers and passengers. You can register your potential drivers and passengers the same way as with Join Something New invite code for marketers, just send them the Liftago website URL in the form of "".. Passengers and drivers who register this way will receive an automatic email to confirm their email address. Once we launch Liftago on their market, they will receive a link to download the free Liftago apps (containing your invite code) and when they use it, they will belong to your community. Building your community with many marketers, passengers and drivers will give you the best head start while we are preparing for the launch. After the launch, you will be able to mastermind all your marketing activities from (your community and login details will automatically transfer from Join Something New to Liftago platform).

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