Original battery and non-original batteries in the end what is the difference

by John Xu Consultant

Original battery and non-original batteries in the end what is the difference
The main difference between the original and non-original batteries with:compaq Laptop Akku
The first is the security issue. Various aspects of the original battery is relatively more secure, so in terms of safety should be no problem. Rather than the original battery, if a no-name battery, the biggest problem is security. Perhaps a few years ago, I heard someone with a non-original mobile phone batteries installed on the phone, battery explosion killed thing, this kind of thing is not sensational, because the battery is a mobile energy, the inside has a lot of energy when fully charged If no good structural design and process control, once the accident does lead to serious consequences. So even if you are using non-original batteries, also caused relatively strong note to buy the brand, resulting in not to buy brand-name batteries;toshiba Laptop Akku
Second, capacity and performance of the battery. For non-original batteries are often some small plant products, quality management is often not very strong, so the battery performance is uneven, and these manufacturers to reduce costs also tend to cut corners, but there is a performance problem. On the other hand for the battery, there is one detail that battery electrode sheet surface treatment, non-original surface treatment technology due to the electrode sheet but off cause poor contact, affect your use. This issue is a very worthy of attention, because the camera is in use, can not be used once the battery is no way to immediately charged, but because it is dedicated battery, you can not use batteries, when you can only look on in despair!sony Laptop Akku
So try not to use the camera non-original batteries.
Usually when buying mainly rely on appearance features observed to identify the battery, while the original battery should generally have the following characteristics: 1, the battery neat appearance, the outer surface has some roughness and feel comfortable, feel smooth inner surface, under the lights can see fine vertical scratches. 2, the words manufacturer should outline clear, and security signs of high brightness, looks three-dimensional, battery labels legible, there are consistent with the battery type battery part numbers. 3, the battery label use of secondary printing technology, at a certain slant of light from the look, color barcode portion darker than the rest, and touch concavity. 4, the original battery electrode and cell phone battery slice width equal to the bottom of the battery electrodes labeled "+", "-" sign, the insulating material between battery electrode sheet is consistent with the shell material, but it is not one. 5, when the original battery into the phone feel comfortable, installation ease, battery pressing portion card position appropriate and secure. 6, the original battery's metal contacts using high-quality copper, only when the front will be reflective, but look at it from another point of view, are relatively dim.Laptop Akku

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