16 practical tips to turn visitors into customers

by Niall p. Full-time writer and social entrepreneur

You may have some visitors to your site or you don’t.

But you want subscribers.


Having the targeted subscribers can help you build you brand overnight.

You can send them daily update about your blog or offers to them.

And also you can use it for cross promoting others messages to grow more subscribers substantially.

When you have written a new post and want some instant traffic you just have to mail them.

Not only instant traffic, if your content speaks to their problem and resolves any then your post will receive shares too.

Do you know by users engagement on the page can dramatically increase the organic traffic from search engines too.

Most of the trained beginner bloggers started their empire just by building their subscribers first. 

Danny Iny built his empire totally on subscribers he got by guest blogging.

So why waste your time getting new visitors when you have a big list.

Use the methods described below to get more subscribers from every visitors your website receives.

1) Everything Starts From Root.

Do you know most bloggers are using their home page as a landing page to build more subscribers.

What you have to do?

Create some compelling offer or a bribe to offer for your visitors to turn into subscribers.

Look at neil patel website. When you click on the starting blog post he mentions in the blog category it takes you to his home page.

Blog Category Page

Home page as landing page

Why you can’t use other pages as landing page is since your home page will have more authority than any other page in the site.

And for a new user also it seems more trustable. Out of all the inner pages you have, home page receives more traffic organically than any other pages.

So why don’t you try one.

If you can’t build a custom landing page like neil patel then use one of your page to make it as landing page and turn it into the squeeze form and make it as your home page.

It is so easy to do it in wordpress platform.

2) Write For Your Target And Give Them.

When you narrow down any topic you will find that there are certain group of people with same problem.

You need to write content for them to solve any of the problem they have and ask them to subscribe.

Brian Dean does a wonderful job of creating custom content which solves certain problem and asks them to download it if they don’t have time to read it then and there. 

He showed how to do white hat link building and then asking the visitors to subscribers so that he will give a strategy on how to execute it.

Give a strategy to be a subscriber

When the content is so compelling for any user he will automatically subscribe for more.

3) I Want To Say Hello.

How about greeting some unknown person will he be delighted. It totally depends on his mood and your look.

But when a visitors searching for something and lands on a site and finds a red bar on the top saying something like the offer expires, get this today.

Well they are called as hello bar. I think that way of asking for subscription or marketing your products were introduced by neil patel on hello bar.

Hello bar for subscribers

This hello bar can be used to ask new visitors to subscribe or when they click on something it may land on any particular page it is given and you can collect the emails for your subscribers.

This way of collecting subscribers is way effective than the sidebar widget with opt-in offers.

4) Feature Your Bribe.

If you have something to offer to your new visitors then why don’t you use the header part of the page telling them what your bribe can do for them.

The advantages of having a feature box on the top is you grab the attention of the new visitors. And when you have attention from any then it can be easy to persuade them as well.

When you have something to offer make it as compelling as you can. If you are offering a ebook make sure you solve any problem you think your users are struggling or you can show them how to achieve or done something like you to get the results you got.

Feature Box For Subscription

It has some features like hello bar but I can say it is totally different to that. In hello bar you only have one line to tell about or ask for any information.

According to jon morrow the feature box converts at 5 percent and where as side bar option widget converts at 0.5 percent due to the less attention it receives.

5) Tell Them How Exactly You're Doing.

When you are some one who does’t know how to blog or how to drive traffic and wanted to learn how professional bloggers do that way.

Well there are so many bloggers who are willing to share their strategy on how they blog or convert a subscribers to a sale.

Consider neil patel website where in the top of the website he shows how many visitors gained over a period of time and asking every one to subscribe to see how he does it.

Case Study To Grow Email List

If you are serious struggling to get traffic I think I am very sure you will opt for it to learn from someone who all did it better than you or any. And you won’t bother to give your email to learn the strategies in return.

Even niche pursuit website does the same thing asking their new visitors to sign up so that they can share their case study or any projects how they are doing.

But you will only see their home page asking for your email id if you have not visited earlier. Try and see. After second time it wont show up in the home page.

6) Don’t Go Away I Want You To Be Here Again & Again.

What if you can build returning visitors month on month by 20 percent. By the end of the year the traffic you receive will be at least double.

So intention with getting subscribers is to make sure we promote something on a long run.

Don’t go away take this to come again and again is when a visitor visits your page reads all your content and haven’t opted for subscription then it is last way you use to grab their email id.

So how do professional bloggers do that.

Whenever some one after reading the page and before they are exiting, a pop us is thrown to them to subscribe.

Most of it is the same offer but they try it with more persuasive words.

Exit Pop Up For Subscribers

Look at ramit sethi site he asks whether you want to know 15 life experiments he did that can change your life. very persuasive. Well it may not appeal to you but it can appeal more to the self improvement people.

7) Taste This And See Whether It’s Right Fit For You.

Have you ever seen ads bombarding with samples to try or if you go to some cookie shop they offer you some cookie to taste.

Well they all are sales tactics used by them. Robert Ciadlin in his book call this method give and take or reciprocation principle.

Before you ask any for some thing to do favour for you then you need to do a bit before you ask them.

When you look at ramit sethi page you can see he is selling a book on amazon and he is offering first chapter of his book 6 weeks to stress-free, no-guilt money management to the one who subscribes.

Try this sample to subscribe

Most of us will subscribe if the title of the book solves any problem we are facing.

So offering a chapter in return for an email won’t hurt the new visitors. But It will help them to know better on what he is offering and buys it too.

In two ways it benefits him first, he can sell the book easily and second he can promote his future products to those subscribers too.

8) Free! Free! Free!

How about getting a 10 dollar book for freely only today. Will you wait for sometime or grab it today.

You can do the same thing with amazon where you can promote your ebook as free to download for particular days.

You may think when I can sell why should I give it freely. Ask yourself how without knowing you are there in the market people are going to buy your book.

Your agenda is not to boost the book ranking in any particular category to sell it.

Ranking is fine but selling isn’t your main agenda. Your goal is to collect leads.

So how to do that. Create an awesome ebook and go with amazon kdp select program and place it to download it for freely.

When you create the book keep in mind that book should be in less pages and of so much value and in between you can say there is a better way than this and to tell what it is you need to be my inner circle member so register here.

Most of them who reads the book will surely opt for what you have offer.

Two ways you may benefit from this one by getting leads and after few days you may receive sales for the ebook you put on the kindle.

9) Let Me Be Your Guest For Tonight.

How about you attending one of the top shows as a guest interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. You may see a huge crowd following you. New fans.

Guest Blogging to Drive Subscribers

Your name becomes a big brand for your new audience. They do what you ask for.

It is same with guest blogging. When you choose some big popular brands to be guest blogger you will receive a huge mass following.

If your content solves that blogs audience problems.

But how in a world of online marketing you collect leads from the guest blogging.

These 3 to 4 lines of bio is where you introduce and put some links to your landing page.

To grab their attention you need to make sure they read the whole article and should feel that it is going to solve their one of the biggest fear or desire they have.

You can learn guest blogging from jon morrow. Google Him ;).

10) Give Half and For Remaining Ask To Do What You Wish.

This technique or tactic is mostly un covered and used by most of the bloggers. It works same like Give and take principle but the frame work is totally different to it.

Here you give a great detail in the form of a article or a video and for the remaining you asking them to subscribe.

Here you have already given some thing before you asking. So majority of the new subscribers will subscribe to it.

Brian Dean does it well in his blog converting visitors to subscribers.

Providing Half Tips and Remaining to Subscribers

11) They Are Doing It So Why Not You.

What if there is some one who achieved great results by following someones advice and the person who followed the advice is known to so many.

Don’t you want to give a try to do the same thing like the big guy followed the advice of someone?

It is so obvious.

We call this as showing what big wonders you did for some one and what they are saying about you.

Look at neils one of blog where on the right hand side you see Ben Huh testimonial how his website reached 500 million page views a month for his blog.

Testimonial For Subscription

When you see that wouldn’t you mind knowing what it is. For sure you will do that to know how he achieved and you gives your candy email.

For this to apply on your site go do some free work for top bloggers and solve some issue they have with your skills and get a testimonial from them and advertise it on your page.

You will receive more subscribers than ever.

If you have published on any big blogs then ask the big blogs will they allow to feature it on your site to prove your authority on your topic.

Almost all blogs allow you to showcase their logo on your site. Just imagine you published an article in Huff post and used their logo on your site. It will dramatically increase your authority.

12) Give Them A Trail.

This method is used for building list as well as promoting your product or course you have. You see most of the top bloggers offer their course for a very low price.

And some may also offer their premium tools for few days.

When you give your tool to use for some two weeks without paying penning then you get to see tons of people downloading your tool.

If they like the tool then they will buy the premium version and continue along. And the same with online courses.

When you have something very valuable you need to give your new visitors a try to test it.

So two way you benefit by getting their email ids to promote in future or they can buy your tool too.

Giving Trails For More Subscribers

13) Buy & Prepare A Cheat Sheet.

You have bought one of the course or tool that helps the same audience as yours.

Now you have to create a cheat sheet or road map or something amazing that tool vendor or course provider didn’t found.

Then create a video tutorial or a pdf explaining how they can improve their results using the course with some additional tweaks and tricks.

Tell the course or tool vendor that you have prepared something for their tool or course and they can give it away to the people who bought.

And for in return you need to ask that you will promote your landing page url in it.

If the cheat sheet or the tutorial you prepared helps their audience then they will surely give it as bonus to their subscribers.

Not only it helps in getting subscribers but also those list is the people who bought a course means who has spent money already. They are very responsive and you can pitch them any product or service you have before or after the tools or course they use.

Before you create test it yourself the course or tool and get the results and tell the vendor you have some case study or a particular way you used the tool to grow your business and ask whether they can share the tutorial or case study.

Most of them says yes.

14) Ask Them To Choose One They Belong To.

Consider you have a blog with a million visitors a month. They all have different problems to solve or want to learn.

So When a person lands on your site to learn about Facebook Advertising and you have an ebook to bribe to subscribe to the list.

And not even one will subscribe who wants to learn Facebook Advertising because it is not their cup of tea.

So what you have to do is survey your visitors and create 3 to 4 compelling offers and place it on the home page so that they will choose one which they belong to.

You can also use those ebooks in the post that they belong to also.

For example you have a post on how to do SEO then you can place the ebook you created for SEO and place it there.

You will receive more visitors than before. Talking to their specific needs can dramatically improve the email subscription.

Look at copy blogger home page.

Choose one you belong to

15) Use Two Ways To Persuade Them To Opt One.

Do you know top bloggers or any professional sites with good marketing budget tries to persuade you on every level.

They use two opt-ins at the same place one says subscribe for blog updates and other asks you to subscribe for some thing you want.

If you closely observe the copy blogger blog on the right hand hand side they have two widgets one for normal blog updates and other to subscribe for a free course.

Opt-in widget to chose works on a way like IKEA effect and the visitors chooses one that belongs and clicks and lands on the squeeze page to get subscribed.

You can do the same to trick and persuade your new visitors.

16) Have Some Patience.

Have some patience to measure what is working and what is not working.

If you found that feature box is not converting for you doesn’t mean you have to remove the feature box. But instead you need to write a proper copy and the right offer for opt-in.

You have to test, measure and apply what works to your blog audience.

If you find that only 1% of new visitors are subscribing then you need to work on the right title.

You need to change the ebook cover and do a survey what your target audience problems are.

Then create the bribe based on the survey you did.

Convert At Least 5 % Of Your Visitors.

When is the last time you have seen a new subscriber in your list ?

You may have applied the side bar widget or one of the above but couldn’t see any improvement ?

The methods described above works all the time but you need to tweak them according to your audience desires or goals.

One simple tweak or technique you use can dramatically increase the subscribers growth exponentially.

Imagine just by using one of the method you have doubled your list overnight.

Once you have a couple thousand visitors you can use them to generate instant traffic to your site or promote your products or services later.

Tell me what you have implemented from the above methods and how you increased your subscribers.

And also don’t forget to tell if I have missed any.

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