One Stop Drug Counting And Coating Solution: Tablet Coating And Counting Machine

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Tablets and capsules, after they are manufactured need to get their outer surface coated with a thin layer of coating material. Coating of the tablets is done usually to mask the odour, taste and color of the tablets. Coating also protects the drug from any physical and chemical action. With a protective coating, the drug content will not get released from the tablet and will also not be affected by gastric environment. To give a protective coating to the tablets, every pharmaceutical company makes use of a machine known as the tablet coating machine.

The tablet coating machine works on a simple principle, it applies coating composition to a moving bed of tablets. The machine concurrently uses heated air which facilitates evaporation of the solvents used as the coating material. The tablets move either perpendicular or vertical to the application of the coating composition.

Coating is done by a variety of coating machines. The coating machines may be of standard type, perforated type and fluidized bed or suspension type coater. The standard coater consists of a circular pan which is mounted at an angle on the stand. The coating material is directly sprayed onto the rotating circular bed and heated air is directed onto the pan for drying. The perforated coating machines consist of a perforated or partially perforated drum that keeps rotating on a horizontal axis.

The tablet counting machine is suitable for both coated and uncoated tablets, capsules and soft gelatin capsules. They are available both as semi-automated and fully automated systems. Every counting machine is incorporated within a filling line which is also known as counting line.

The tablet counting machines are available both in laboratory scale and large scale. They can be manufactured as such to give output up to 4000 tablets per minute. These machines are generally used in hospital pharmacies, research centres and middle scale or small scale companies.

The product or the tablets to be counted are placed into the hopper of the machine. They are vibrated around a plastic scroll and then dropped individually through an infrared beam that accurately count the numbers and drops them into a container. The machine has provision for you to set the numbers to be counted in each batch.

The counting machines have several advantages. They digitally control the count which leads to accuracy. They accurately dispense the products and have excellent repeatability if required. The machine is very simple in design which eases operation. Moreover it also has a dust extraction point making cleaning easy.

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