Non athletes too can benefit from sports massage

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The main function of deep tissue massage is to assist sportsmen recover from exercise, especially after a big event. In addition to this, kneading the body parts is useful for enhancing the athlete’s performance during both training and competitions. Although sports massage was originally developed with the purpose of helping athletes get in shape, this does not mean that non athletes cannot benefit from it too. The truth is that most clients of spas are not athletes, but rather ordinary people who have too much stress accumulated and who are looking to feel better. Sports massage Sydney should be present in the life of any person because it helps maintain the body in better physical condition and to prevent injuries and loss of mobility.

By sports massage it is understood the application of specific techniques, such as hydrotherapy and motion or flexibility, with the intention of achieving a specific goal. In order to understand how this type of therapy works it is necessary to be introduced to the three principles: timing, technique and intent. Timing is related to when the treatment is given, while technique and intent refers to the application used (friction, vibration, broadening strokes) and the reason for treatment. Sports massage North Sydney is actually a type of Swedish massage, meaning that it stimulates blood circulation and lymph fluids. Some of the movements used during therapy are also meant to break down adhesions and to increase the range of motion. Thanks to the stroking movements the pores in tissue membranes open and consequently let the nutrients pass through. The result is that lactic acid is removed and the muscles pick up oxygen and nutrients. If you are one of those persons who enjoy a morning jog, then your tissue can become hard or even inelastic. Not only does the treatment stretch the tissues, but also disperses the adhesions caused by micro-scarring. Moreover, manipulation of tissue can have physiological effects as well. No matter the type of job, stress tends to build up in the muscles and it causes symptoms such as aching, irritation and frequently sleep deprivation.

The therapy is useful for releasing the body’s endorphins, which results in relieving tension and waste that cause pain. Since all the muscles are relaxed thanks to heat generated circulation and stretching, the body is induced a complete state of relaxation. Nonetheless, you can also get such a treatment if you are suffering from a specific issue. For example, a tender knee makes you a good candidate. The therapist will only concentrate on the problem area and you have to clearly explain your needs and expectations. Even you don’t have a serious injury, you can still receive this type of therapy just because you think it sounds manlier. No matter the lifestyle you have, sedentary or active, you can still benefit from the massage. The reason for this is that repetitive tasks for a job will leave anyone with levels of stress and make them more vulnerable to aches and pains.

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