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nike air yeezy glow in the dark Mildew treatment analysis,The finished mold: shoes must be done prior to processing the mold work well at this stage can be effective to prevent post-shoes mold. Prevent: At this stage in the procurement, the procurement has mold the skin of the antibacterial treatment, but at present because of the lower unit of the reason. Reduce costs when buying leather tannery leather Price, mildew treatment in the leather factory is a relatively high price of treatment, due to leather priced lower, so the leather factory tend not to carry out this step-by-step mold process. Has purchased the untreated skin, you can buy a spray liquid fungicide or spray antibacterial and antifungal agent for processing. Can be handed over to the paint work, but this product does not enhance the image of the shoes. Reach the European environmental standards.
nike air yeezy glow in the dark Has been processed into finished shoes, you can buy liquid fungicide or antibacterial and antifungal agents to deal with but limited level of environmental protection does not meet European environmental standards, purchase ban mildew military mold piece ban mold army mold (paste) on-chip product (De-Mold Army anti-mold sticke) Model 5050, this product is a joint development of proprietary products to the Yu source of Taiwan enterprises and Taiwan National University. The product by the ITS, the SGS test environmental certification, 12 kinds (mustard, grapeseed, sunflower, camphor, garlic oil ingredients ...) natural plant extracts essential oils production, harmful to humans. Outside the beam splitter materials used by environmental certification. Mold shoes, three finished in the warehouse when not timely issued, the need to stay in the warehouse for some time, if you do not do mold measures, but mildew on the major loss, not only can not be shipped in a timely manner, but also in addition to mycophenolate East Ben West ran the painstaking fiscal.
nike air yeezy glow Warehouse to dry and fire prevention measures, to check for leaks. The ground put several layers of cardboard or other absorbent good things, so you can prevent ground moisture from shoes packaging. Third, you can ban mold army anti-placed in a shoebox (paste) mold piece. Can effectively make a powerful guarantee for the storage prior to shipment, please do not open into the mold piece of shoebox. If open when you need inspection, please try to achieve the best mildew into a new ban mold army anti-(paste) to mold the piece. Transport of mold: one has done the above steps, just do a good job of protection of transport containers, to ensure watertight, not damaged, you can not collapse. Second, if not do the above steps, even if the customer requirements into any mold-moisture products, they have to put inexpensive desiccant to prevent the goods appear moldy. In particular, the goods go by sea need to do the work of anti-mildew moisture.

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