New Interracial Romance Novel – Love After Capture

by Stone Cottage Books Book Publisher

New Interracial Romance Novel – Love After Capture


Romance novelists Cassandra Black and Whiskey Lee have published a new interracial romance entitled Love After Capture. This new novella follows the journey of Cynthia Taylor, a woman who summons the courage to live, trust, and love again after surviving an unimaginable tragedy.




Romance novelists Cassandra Black and co-author Whiskey Lee have published a new interracial romance mini novel entitled Love After Capture. This new novella follows the journey of Cynthia Taylor, a woman who summons the courage to live, trust, and love again after having survived an unimaginable tragedy.


Love After Capture can be found on Amazon at and on Barnes & Noble’s website. Read an overview of the new love story below.


Love After Capture Book Overview


Cynthia Taylor has a tragic past, only pieces of which she can remember. Struggling to uncover the mystery of her old life has been keeping her from trusting, living, loving -- until she meets the handsome Jimmy McGregor in the North Georgia Mountain town of Jessup Station.




Jimmy McGregor, a loner, who has a reputation of being somewhat stand-offish and a little rough around the edges, has been closed to the idea of love since his wife was snatched from him too soon. His retreat since Mary Ellen’s death has been the solitude of the mountains -- until he meets Cynthia Taylor working in Miss Margie’s nursery and feed store.




As glimpses of Cynthia’s past slowly begin to filter back in, will the memories help bring two kindred spirits in search of a new start closer together; or will secrets, losses, and a love from Cynthia’s old world tear them apart just as they are beginning to discover a happiness they thought would last an eternity?


Inspiration for Love After Capture


Cassandra Black, the co-author conceptualizing the story, sheds light on the inspiration behind Cynthia Taylor’s story: 


“More and more, we are, regrettably, hearing stories in the news about women who have been kidnapped and held captive for years. I often wondered how these incredibly brave women moved on after going through an unthinkable tragedy, so I created a story line around an imaginary character who comes through a similar fire.


Reading some of the stories about heroes like Elizabeth Smart, who was captured when she was 14 years old and held for nine months; the recent headline about a woman having been abducted from her suburban Southern California home when she was 15 and held for a decade; and the Cleveland, Ohio survivors Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Georgina DeJesus, the longest of which was held captive for more than a decade, are just a few of the incredible women who inspired Cynthia Taylor’s journey.”


Black continues, “We hesitated to include this subject matter in a romance novel. But, the truth is, the category -- “contemporary romance” -- inevitably tackles “contemporary issues,” beyond the expected independent heroine. So we let the storyline unfold, truthfully, as it was revealed during the creative process, focusing on coping, moving on, discovering romance, and finding love, after the ordeal.”



Spinoff Character


Note: Cynthia Taylor, the heroine in the new romance book, is a "spinoff" character from the recently released Love After Hours, which can also be found on Amazon at and on Barnes & Noble’s website.



Read First Few Chapters of Love After Capture Free


Read the first few chapters of the new multicultural romance free on Amazon at



About the Authors


Cassandra Black, an Atlanta resident who spends half her time writing from the Caribbean, has been publishing on Amazon since 2010. She has written several romance novellas, real estate publications, and small business books, as well as a children’s picture book about entrepreneurship.  


An Amazon “Best Seller” of interracial love stories, Cassandra recently released the final book in the popular three-book Loving Logan series. Part 1 of Loving Logan was number one on in the multicultural / interracial romance category during its initial release.  


Several of Cassandra’s romance novels have appeared on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Seller list.


To see a full list of books by this author (who also publishes under the Amber Creek pen name), including Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Loving Logan romance book series, visit



Whiskey Lee is a new romance writer based in Negril, Jamaica. This is her second work.



Where to Find Love After Capture


To find Love After Capture, see (Kindle), or visit Barnes & Noble on the internet for the NOOK version.  


About the Romance Book Publisher


The publisher of the titles listed above is Stone Cottage Books. 

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