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How common is hear loss

Hearing impairment has been in one of the major health problem in the history of human being. The problem can arise from simple hearing problem and can get serious if early detection is not made. With millions Indian is suffering from the hearing loss. It has becoming a major problem both in the city and villages. It is one of the most common chronic health problems affecting people of all ages, and in all segment of the population and regardless of socio-economic levels. Early detection in the case of small children could be very helpful in preventing the hear loss.

New research in hearing impairment

A recent research from the Eaton-Peabody Laboratories of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School made a new mouse dummy in which by inserting a gene in the inner ear hair cells of the mouse the sensory cells that is expose to the sound and sense balance defend the mouse from the two most two most common form of hear impairment that is from age related hearing loss and noise induced hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a major problem with problem with one third of the adult is affected and older is effected with age related with hearing loss (ARHL). With one third of the adult and older people is suffering from ARHL, the number almost doubled with 64 percent after the age of 85. NIHL is one of the most self reported occupational injuries and is also most common. These new research helps in improving the hearing loss and will be a major help for people suffering from the hear impairment.

How hearing aid works

Hearing aid is a machine which is run by the battery. The machine is very helpful for the people with hear impairment as it increase the sound and helps in better communication. Hearing aid receives the sound through the microphone and then increase it and the receiver hear it through the speaker fitted in the device. They are of a major help with people suffering from hear loss.

Selecting hearing aid

Hearing aid should be used with the consultant by the audiologist. Whether it is a digital or a analogue. Whether it is a adjustable or programmable. People should not use without the consultant of the audiologist as it can deteriorate their hearing and can made the condition worse for them. So, one should be very careful in selecting the hearing aid.

Improved hearing aid

No device can replace a healthy ear but with the research, how the ear perceive sound in particular to the cochlea will be very helpful in making new hearing aid that will give good close performance to human ears. With the present of sound sensing cell which are found in the cochlea known as hair cells and the presence of cilia on the surface of their membrane react strongly to the different sound frequencies present at different locations.

Making affordable hearing aid

With the millions of people around the world is suffering from one of the hear impairment problem there is a need for the affordable hearing aid, is rising around the world. It is estimated that 300 million people around the world required hearing aid.  Many companies around the world making hearing aid that can be controlled by your smart phone with the help of an app.  In India scientist has also developed a software which will greatly help the children suffering from the hear impairment problem. The software is known as Mounisara. Many school has already installed the software which is great help for the children suffering  from hearing impairment.

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