Natural Remedies to Erase Dark Circles, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

by Linda Daniels Writer
When people get older they do not want to deal with the problems that result from aging. Problems such as dark circles, lines and wrinkles can be problematic for many people who want to look and be at their best. Over the years medical professionals have developed many different types of proven remedies that help to eliminate dark circles and wrinkles. There are also some natural remedies that can also be used to eliminate these issues.

1. Almond Oil
Almond oil is not a substance that most people keep in their home. This particular food product is normally used to create some dishes and is not a widely used product. However, almond oil has certain healing properties that are able to heal the effects of wrinkles and dark circles. People can apply this product topically to affected areas before they go to sleep and experience the wonderful healing and rejuvenating properties that this substance provides.

2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Eat your fruits and vegetables; it's very important that you do so. Fruit has substances that can fight against radicals within the body. Radicals are the enemy of skin. These molecular substances occur when cells die off or from toxic substances within the body. The antioxidants within fruit destroy most of these substances. Not only is ingesting fruit good for the body, people can also use certain fruits and vegetables on their skin.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers can be applied to the face. Each of these plant based foods has certain natural ingredients that are able to heal the skin and to improve circulation. In fact, many people have been using cucumber and potato slices on their faces for years to get rid of fine lines. Bananas and avocados can also be used in this way.
3. Water
Dehydration will lead to dark spots. People who do not drink enough water will have problems with their skin. Water is necessary for circulation and keeping the skin healthy. These are two very important reasons why water is necessary for people who want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Turmeric
Turmeric is an Indian spice and it has healing properties that can help the skin. While turmeric is not popular in western cuisine many people do have at least a small bottle of this substance in their spice rack. Turmeric can be mixed with tomatoes to form a paste that can be used to eliminate dark circles and fine lines.

5. Eliminate Smoking and Excessive Alcohol
People who drink and smoke excessively will probably dry out and damage their skin over time. Cigarettes contain nicotine and carcinogens that damage the body. Smoking has been known to make people look a lot older than they appear. People who drink large amounts of alcohol are typically dehydrated and they usually end damaging their skin from all of the alcohol they are consuming. Both of these habits are not good for person's skin or health and should be eliminated.

6. Sleep
When people do not get enough sleep, it usually shows up on their skin. People have to get adequate sleep if they want to keep wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines off of their face. Not getting enough sleep will cause a person to look tired and worn out.

Also, when a person goes to sleep they should make it a habit not sleep on their stomach or side. Over time they will develop wrinkles on one or both sides of their face. People should do their best to sleep on their back as often as they can.

7. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
People who do not moisturize will have dry and wrinkly skin. One reason why so many people look so old and wrinkly is because they do not moisturize. There are plenty of commercial products like Instantly Ageless, Olay Regenerist, Lifecell eye cream etc. that people can use for this purpose.

8. Build up Collagen
Collagen is a fatty substance that is responsible for making a person's skin look young, vibrant and healthy. One of the reasons why people develop wrinkles because is because the skin produces less of it as we age. People can combat this problem by building up the collagen in their body. They can do this naturally by eating certain foods that contain specific amino acids.

Threonine is one such acid that builds up collagen. It is typically found in foods such as chicken, lentles and eggs. Foods such as gelatine, soy milk and cheese contain proline which is a nonessential amino acid since the body can produce this substance on its own. Amino acids such as lysine, manganese and copper are all important for healthy skin. These substances can be found in meats, dairy products, herbs and lentils.

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