Natural Latex Mattresses Offer Several Benefits Over Synthetic Mattress

by william Lvelazquez11 The Need for Hexavalent Chromium Testing

Owning a natural latex mattress can be very advantageous. To begin with, they are dust mite and airborne dirt immune, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. They are very safe for health as they contain an inner core. In addition, they rarely get infested with bed insects. Unlike this, the innerspring mattresses permits thriving of bed bugs as it offers more space to lay their eggs and move all around.

Finding a natural latex mattress might at times be a tedious process. Most available mattresses are a blend of natural latex and synthetically made latex. Consequently, it makes the core more resilient. Great durability of the natural type has led to its enhanced prominence and popularity. Being a little expensive than the traditional mattresses, they last a life-time.

Most natural mattress is dense yet very comfortable. This is solely because it contains pincore holes which are placed throughout the mattress. Usually, the softer mattress comprises of many larger pincore holes. When natural latex is used for latex foam mattresses, they carry a warranty period of more than twenty years. The other types of beds shed their springiness in due course of time. In contrast, the natural type offers an amazing firmness. It helps in retaining their form and do not get indentations.

The natural latex mattress are regarded as truly eco-friendly as they contain biodegradable features. On the contrary, the synthetically created mattresses contain petrochemicals. As they are regularly used, they tend to break down and result a lot of cluttering into the atmosphere. The natural varieties do not even off gas just like the memory foam do. Instead, they offer great backache relief. Skin friendly and hypoallergenic, they do not clog up your sinuses as well. They also do not give rise to any potent smell when used for a number of days at a stretch.

Buying natural latex mattress has become a lot easier. A lot of online stores are offering them at reasonable prices. They are very popular for offering certified mattress ensuring you do not encounter any health hazard. Apart from this, they offer free-shipping, great discounts and top branded mattresses.

They are widely being found in the markets of Europe and United States. These mattresses are sourced from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. They come from the Hevea brasiliensis tree which is grown in areas having large tress plantations. The latex used in the mattress is harvested simply by removing thin strips of bark found in the trees. This allows the substance to easily flow down to the grooves into the collection cups.

Now that people have realized the use of environment friendly products, the demand for such a mattress is on the rise.

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