My Advertising Pays Review

by Reiner Knapp Internet Marketer

My Advertising Pays Review

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

Ma Advertising PaysMa Advertising PaysExploring the MAPs popularity explosion!

What is it about My Advertising Pays that has everyone so excited? Why is it so many people are rushing to sign up? Why are so many people dying to spend as much money as they can on ‘Credit Packs’? Perhaps it the their unique profit-share scheme that’s got everyone so excited or the fact that you can turn $50 into $60 over and over again!


What is My Advertising Pays?

In a nutshell, My Advertising Pays (MAPs for short), is an advertising platform where Internet marketers, website owners and so on, can place banner ads and text ads, and where everyone and anyone can come and play the Make Money Online game…


Check out these official My Advertising Pays videos:

This video’s title is How It Works:

Click her to watch the video!


Banner ads are paid for in cash (as you would expect), but text ads are free to create. However in order for you to get traffic to your text ads you need ‘credits’. To gain credits you either click on and view other people’s adverts in the Traffic Exchange section, or buy ‘Credit Packs’.

Buying Credit Packs (CP) is where the magic happens – as doing so, then clicking on 10 ads daily qualifies you to a share of 95% of the company’s profits!

  • 1 pack = 1 share
  • 20 packs = 20 shares
  • 100 packs = 100 shares
  • and so on up to a maximum of 1200 packs.

Each Credit Pack cost $49.99 and as long as you click your 10 ads daily (which only takes 5 minutes) your packs will return you $60 each.  Here’s what they says about the Credit Packs on the MAPs website:

Our Credit Packs offer our members, and possibly your referrals, a high value product that advertisers want to use. For the purchase price of $49.99, you will receive 550 Regular Credits and 10 Credit Boosters. You can then use these Credits to advertise an unlimited number of text ads in the Traffic Exchange. Each 1 Regular Credit is the equivalent of 1 impression of the text ad that you assign it to in the Traffic Exchange, and each 1 Credit Booster will make your ad show for 30 seconds instead of 10 when someone clicks on it!

Not only that, but each Credit Pack you purchase will qualify you for one share-in-profits every 20 minutes 24/7 until you have received $60 in return ($3 goes to your Available Advertising Fund)! Talk about Value!

In order for your Credit Pack purchases to earn shares-in-profit, you must click on a minimum of 10 text ads within the Traffic Exchange daily. Once you have purchased your Credit Pack(s), make sure to click on “Setup / Edit Campaign(s)” and then “Manage Campaign(s)” to assign your credits to your text ads.

Better Than a Bank!

If you put $1,000 into a savings account, how long would it take until it grew to $1,200? Well, with an interest rate of 1% APR, probably about 19 years! If inflation is higher than 1%, then your money loses its value every year! You get poorer! You can work it out for yourself with this online calculator.

On the other hand, buy 20 Credit Packs with your $1,000, take 5 minutes to click on 10 ads every day and in about 60-90 days time you’ve tuned $1,000 into $1,200. But what would happen if you were to COMPOUND your money?

Compound Example: With 20 credit packs, and with a daily return of 2% you would get back $20 per day. In 3 days, you would have enough back to repurchase another credit pack. Now you have 21 packs and $21 coming back daily. Again in a few days you will have enough to buy another credit pack and so on. In about 60 days time you will have over 40 Credit Packs and increased your money by 200%.

Your Options With My Advertising Pays

There are several things you can do with My Advertising Pays, but something has got a lot of people very excited indeed. Let’s take a look at what MAPs have to offer…

  1. First there is the usual boring banner ad stuff. You can pay to place banner adverts of varying sizes to send traffic to your website or lead capture pages etc. The traffic is great, but this is not what people are going nuts over.
  2. If you click and view adverts within the Traffic Exchange area, without buying Credit Packs, you still get credits that you can assign to your own text adverts and send traffic where you want. This takes too long and does not qualify you to a share in the company’s profits.
  3. This is where the fun starts! Buying a Credit Pack does two things: Gives you credits to assign to your text adverts and gives you 1 share per pack of the company’s profits, as long as you click on your 10 ads in the Traffic Exchange every day. If you buy 20 packs you get 20 shares, 100 packs, you get 100 shares and so on. The value of your packs will grow until they have returned $60. As long as you’ve clicked and viewed 10 ads, for the rest of the day, every 20 minutes, the company’s profits are recalculated and added to your account. You get paid 72 times per day!
  4. Referring Others: You can earn between 4% and 10% of other peoples spend on the Credit Packs they purchase – for life! So if you refer someone who sees the earning potential with My Advertising Pays, and goes on to buy Credit Pack after Credit Pack this boosts your income. Example: If someone you refer buys 20 Credit Packs, and you are at the 10% level, you will earn almost $100. The More people you refer who buy Packs the more your earn!. For your information: this is not network marketing! You only earn on your personal referrals.
  5.  Let your income go Super Nova! Combine points 3 and 4 together and BOOM! See Below.

Compound & Explode – Let’s Go Supernova!

 This is what everyone is getting excited about… This is how to make your income EXPLODE!

It’s as simple as 1 2 3:

1) Buy as many Credit Packs as you possibly can.
2) Refer as many people as you possibly can.
3) Click on your 10 ads daily.

As the Profit Share money is added to your account, the funds builds up. With that money, repurchase more Credit Packs. Keep reinvesting like this to compound your money. However, if you have to withdraw some money, you can stop repurchasing for a while until the funds get to a level where you want to withdraw. Then start repurchasing again.

As the people you refer do the same – and you should encourage them to do so,  your income increases. As they grow and buy more and more, you income grows and grows respectively. Everyone wins. You should also encourage others you refer to refer others too so they can benefit in this way also.

Can you see why everyone’s getting very excited about My Advertising Pays?

FAQs on My Advertising Pays

Q. How much does it cost to join?
A. It is FREE for the first 30 days. During that period you are automatically put at the Primetime membership level with maximum benefits. This gives you time to build up an income from Credit Packs and referrals, before you have to start paying for your membership. Click Here for your free 30 day trial.

Q. I don’t have money to buy Credit Packs, so how can I make money with this?
A. First sign up for your FREE account, grab your referral link and tell as many people about this as you can. If you get people in who buy Credit Packs you will earn 10%. Try and buy at least 1 Credit Pack and use this to send traffic to an affiliate offer. Perhaps you will make money that way too. If I was to say just one thing it would be REFER LIKE CRAZY.

Q. Should I get a loan to buy Credit Packs?
A. I can’t advise on this. I’m not a Financial Advisor, so I would say no, as I wouldn’t.

Q. What’s happens if I can’t be at my computer to click on ads every day?
A. Log in with your Smartphone or Tablet if you can. Also, if you’re going away, you can buy Vacation Time, and you won’t have to worry about clicking on the ads for the days you’ve bought.

Q. Is it legal and will it last?
A. Yes its legal. This kind of business has been around for many years in the form of Neobux, Clixsense and many more. The difference with is the profit sharing. Also MAPs have on board MLM attorney Kevin Thompson, making sure they are completely compliant at all times. And on will it last – the Internet would come to a stand still in no one advertised! Yes it will last.

In Conclusion

The CEO & Founder of My Advertising Pays, Mike Deese, who is a disabled Air Force Veteran has worked tirelessly to bring us ordinary people a simple and fun way to make an income on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Internet Marketer or not, you can still ‘invest’ in Credit Packs and grow your money, and even share this with your friends through your referral link to grow your income even more!

If you’re in an online Biz Op already you can easily get targeted traffic to your optin pages and grow that business, because growing an income with My Advertising Pays takes no effort at all.

It’s free for the first 30 days - give it all you’ve got for one month, see how you get on! You can’t lose money here – only make it!

Click Here to sign up for FREE and start earning!!

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