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Moving TipsMoving day is something no one likes to think about. It can be a stressful proposition at the very least. It is a job best left to professionals but there are things that you can do to make the process itself as streamlined as possible. Emotional ties vary from situation to situation but these left aside, a smooth move is the result of proper planning. Any reputable moving service should be able to give you a detailed checklist of items to help make your transfer as smooth as possible. Until then, here is a quick rundown of some of the main considerations when planning any major move, business or residential.


Plan Ahead

Most people are unaware of how far ahead of time a major move needs to be considered for it to be successful. The transfer of all of your personal accounts and belongings needs to be coordinated on a fairly precise schedule to assure that services are discontinued in the old and restored in the new as seamlessly as possible. The physical move itself is only a small part of the entire moving process, everything else is preparation and organization.


As anyone who is contemplating a move, the first thing is to make a list of things to do. This list may, and should be visited months before the anticipated move. Begin by conducting an inventory of every room and decide on the things that are coming with you and the ones that will either be donated to some worthy cause or simply left behind. Determining how much packing supplies you will need is difficult for the layman and most estimations fall well short of what is actually needed. That's okay, if you are getting your moving supplies from a Miami moving company you can simply request stuff as you need it (or return any unused items).


Organize Yourself

Consider some type of color coding system for your boxes, attaching colored stickers to each one. Blue = Living Room, etc. Whatever system you choose, do yourself a favor and mark each box twice on opposite sides. It saves for a lot of headache later. Some even make inventory lists for individual boxes that they pack. Designate “open me first” boxes that will contain things that you will need immediately upon your arrival. This would include things like medications, toiletries, sheets, blankets and the like.


Change of address notifications should be filed at least one month prior to the anticipated move date. Not only with the local post office but all your friends, family and any magazine subscriptions that you have. Keep in mind that records of all types are going to have to be transferred to your new address. Medical records, dental records and school records are just a few of the types of documents that needs to be secured. Don't forget veterinary records for the pets as well as cell phone providers. Be sure to take care of any traffic tickets or what not in your present community before you move on.


Utilities And Major Services

Utility services need to be scheduled to for disconnection and reconnection to coincide with the move. In a normal move, arranging to have both functions performed on the same day generally assures a smooth transition. Return any library books that you have lying around before it is too late or they become lost in the shuffle. If the children have close friends in the neighborhood consider hosting a little going away party for them, they'll appreciate the opportunity for a last hurray.


If you are going to pack your belongings on your own then be certain that you know what you are doing, many individual pieces need to be wrapped to assure their safe arrival. If you are unsure of what you are doing then perhaps it is best to have Miami Movers 123 do it for you. It costs a bit extra but it is well worth the security of your personal belongings. Always leave large, awkward or valuable pieces of furniture to professionals. They have the equipment and know-how, necessary to complete the job effectively and safely. 


You should consider your own transportation during the move. If you will be taking your personal vehicle on a long trip then have it inspected and serviced before you leave. Important papers, jewelry or anything you consider “valuable” should travel with you at all times. Never leave the responsibility of these types of items in the hands of someone else, especially a stranger.  


Directing Traffic

On the day of the move relax as best you can. You should already have envisioned in your mind how the furniture will be placed and where everything needs to go in your new home or business. When you arrive at your new destination and it is time to unload the truck, be available to the moving team. Directing them where they need to go and instructing them where items should be placed. Always check every box that comes off the truck and assure that everything arrived and is in good condition before you sign anything. Any discrepancies or damages needs to be brought to the moving company's attention before they are sent on their way.


Even under the best of circumstances moving is no fun. At least it can go smoothly by simply planning ahead and following a few simple guidelines. Organization is the key, if this is not your strong point then let the moving agency you consider help you out in this area too. That's what they are there for. You will be surprised how a little bit of forethought can make your next move as stress free as possible.

Call Miami Movers 123 today at (305) 200-6540 for a free moving consultation and a no obligation estimate.

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