Montessori Schools

by Lizzie Milan supervisor

Montessori Schools are called houses of children. These schools provide family atmosphere. The children in such schools feel that they are reading in their own houses. The children are given complete freedom in such schools. There are many rooms in schools. There is one big room and several small rooms. The big room is used for Study while the small rooms are used for doing various occupations such as cooking, physical exercises, etc. There is one garden in each Child-house (Montessori school). The children play in that garden and do many things. The Montessori School appears like a Child-house.

1.     Motor Education: It means an education which gives motion. According to Early Childhood Care Education in this method, children are put to motion. The children are given such education as makes the children to be active and do many things. The children are taught how to sit, how to run, how to dress or undress, how to cook, etc. The purpose of doing is to make the various organs of the body strong and healthy. The children also learn many useful things which are done in a family.

2.     Sensory Education:It means training of senses. The children are given sensory education. According to Montessori Courses, the various senses like touch sense, sight sense, hearing sense, taste sense are aroused and developed. Sensory experiences are the basis of Montessori Method. According to this method, more and more sensory education is necessary for the children. Great importance has, therefore, been attached on Sensory Education in Montessori Method. The children attain knowledge through the following senses:

a)    Touch Sense:For developing, touch sense, the children are given to box containing several hand-kerchiefs. Some hand-kerchiefs are soft, some are course, some are silken some are cotton. The children are asked to pick out the soft or the course hand-kerchiefs.

b)    Sight Sense:For developing Sight sense, the children are given tablets of different colors. The children are asked to see the colors of the tablets. The children see various tablets in different colors and say the colors of the tablets. In this way, the children are able to see and develop their sight sense.

c)     Hearing Sense:For developing this, there are bells. The bells are rung up and the students are asked to tell about the sounds, whether they are high sounds or low sounds. The children ring the bells themselves, in high sounds as well as in low sounds. In this way,the hearing senses of the children are developed.

d)    Taste Sense:For developing this of the students, they are given different things to eat. The things are of different tastes. Some things are sweet, some are sour, and some are saltish. The children are asked to smell them and tell about the smells. The children smell the smells and develop their smell sense.

Language Teaching: According to this method the children are first taught how to write. Language Teaching is an important thing in Montessori Method. Usually children are asked to read first and write afterwards. But in Montessori Method, the children are asked to write first and read afterwards. It is said that in writing the children haveto do manual labor while in reading they have to use their mind. 

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