Moldavite - healing stone

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Moldavite - remnant of a meteor, scattered on parts due to collision with the Earth!


For the precious stone came from the heart of the galaxy - Moldavite (Valtavin)


Mineral gets its name from the country Moldavia. Can be green or brown with glass glitter.


One interesting fact about Moldavite:

Connect it with the Holy Grail, as it fell from heaven to heal the Earth.


Forms of Moldavite


This ethereal stone is found in different forms which can be:


disk, oval, cylinder, stick, ball, even irregular shape.


Description, specificity and beliefs about Moldavitе


The first description of Moldаvitе described more than two hundred years, and the first scientific report of the strange stones that appeared only in the southern part of the Czech Republic, was published in 1786. The first information about them is given for the first time by Professor Josef Mayer symposium of the Czech Society of Sciences.

But since the professor did not know that these rocks belong to the tektites rocks them to classify chrysalides, and thus received its name - Chrysalides of Tin.

In - later - in conjunction with the World Jubilee Exhibition in Prague - in 1891. Many visitors are attracted by the beautiful gold jewelry inlaid with green stones, almost unknown so far.

So Valtavin name became known not only among professionals in the field of jewelry, but also among - the general public.

A specific feature of this stone is the smallest round bubbles cause of which is the content of the rare gases.

Belief in the quality of Moldavitе today exists as the - is widespread in Southeast Asia.


Findings and use


Of South Bohemian deposits are due 99% of all finds of Moldavite by 1% was found in the South Moravian localities. Found dozens of pieces near Dresden, and northern Austria.

275 tones valued scattered stones Moldavite world.

Some of them are of high quality, often assessed as class museum, and another with normal classification.

The only difference is in the appearance of two stones.

Normal stones are - dark and with - deep green, while those with - class are much more - transparent, high quality stones are used to make handmade jewelry, entering the world of fashion, jewelry and charts.

There is already a new Museum of stones Moldavite in Czech Republic.


Properties and application of Moldavite


It is believed that the stones and crystals are unique and magical, and that have the ability to change our negative energy to positive.

In certain periods of our lives certain stones that give us positive and supportive energy that we need.

One of the most - powerful, associated with the heart chakra, the ability to determine the vitality and energy of the appearance energy stones is Moldavite.

This type of stone is a product of a meteor collision with Earth about 15 million years, which creates a crater Reis, said also that the clash was only one.

These green stones are found only in the Czech Republic, and are far - rare than the others, and therefore are more expensive thereof.

Valued since ancient times, the stone Moldavite is still offered as a gift of senior royals.

Even skeptics and those who are not sensitive to the energies emitted by the stones, say they feel the energy of Moldavite.

This is because its radiation is too powerful and feels strong enough as radiation.

This stone can be marketed in different forms, not only in its natural form, but cut and processed.

If you cut the triangles, rectangles, and any other geometric shapes, it can be used as a laser, but it all depends on his own power, and the way in which merged with yours, or, as with everything else, should follow your heart and intuition. Listen to yourself, and you will surely find the rights form for you so this gem.

Wearing Moldavite will make you feel its power, may feel strange warming, changing moods, but this should not bother you, because you will feel its positive energy throughout the day, even if only holding it in your hand.

Can be worn as an amulet or talisman, protecting its owner from natural disasters, accidents, disasters, and helps him to understand the essence of their existence!

Once found and activated your chakras (third eye, heart), his power will be directed to that part of your body, where its energy is - necessary, and then stop the heart and stay there, because this body is the engine of the human body.

The power of this large stone is so strong that it can be used both individually and collectively, as a meditation method.

Can be used in the field of psychology as it acts as a powerful antidepressant - in situations of stress, insomnia, balance, even in a strong anxiety. But not only here can be applied.

Because of extraterrestrial origin, the stone is associated with the Tarot cards, and is used in divination Attachments - clairvoyant abilities, cartomancy and others.

Yet itself stone Moldavite is in direct connection with the heart chakra of man.

It is also called "galactic stone of transformation."

Everything said so far does not mean that this stone is for you. To find out if tock, you must know your own chakras, and the power of the stone itself.

Although it helps to build your positive energy, his strength is aimed at - all in the heart area - helps love, happiness, understanding.

Before you decide to equip with one stone, consider whether it is for you, and check with the experts who will help you in choosing the Moldavite or other gemstone.


Dichotic Moldavite - Analysis


Research scientists give impressive results!

They found nine extremely rare Moldavite located in South Bohemia. Analyze three of this auxiliary electronic analyzer. Found differently colored areas, due to the total iron and manganese dioxide.

Although the studied rocks are three in number, scientists stop at one of them - the one who has olive-brown color with a slight tinge of green on the periphery.

These studies will continue!

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