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Generally a mist is a mass of droplets of water in the atmosphere near to the earth. It is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in the air. Mist formation is a phenomenon which also occurs in industries. In industries a mist can be formed by different chemicals, oils and coolants used.

Mist is formed in chemical and manufacturing industries by three different methods. In mechanical methods, physical shearing type forces may break up or atomize a liquid to form an aerosol mist. Mists created by mechanical methods are larger in size i.e. more than 1 micron in size. In cooling methods, when a gas stream is saturated with vapor and is exposed to a temperature drop, the cooled vapor in the gas stream will be condensed to form a mist. The particles which are formed in cooling methods are usually less than 1 micron in size. In the process of reactions, the chemical reactions between two or more gases in specific temperature and under specific pressure, creates mist. This type of mist consists of very tiny particles which are difficult to capture.

Formation of mist in the industries has many adverse effects. First and most of all the mist formed due to hazardous chemicals and oils cause serious health problems. Continuous formation of mist lowers the life of the machines, equipments and cutting tools, thus increase in maintenance and repairs costs. Also working in such atmosphere lowers morals of the employees. This reduces overall productivity of the industry. To get rid of these problems, one of the renowned pollution control companies, ‘Powertech Pollution Controls’ has come up with a unique device called as mist collector or mist extractor. This device is recognized by the name ‘Fume Killer’ in the market.

A mist collector or a mist extractor is a device which is used to remove the mist thus helping effectively in pollution control. Different types of mechanisms are used in different types of mist collectors according to their designated use. The ‘Fume Killer’ of ‘Powertech Pollution Controls’ is well equipped to filter and control the fumes produced by oils and coolants. This makes this unit more efficient in mist extraction. The standard capacity of fume killer has a very wide range of suction capacity ranging from 500 CMH to 8000CMH. This mist collector works on the principle of electrostatic filtration. These mist collectors or mist extractors are used to remove mist from the mist generating sources like,

·         CNC and Non CNC machines.

·         Electro-discharge machines.

·         Induction hardening.

·         Spark erosion machines.

·         Die casting fumes.

Making use of effective moist collector adds to the profitability of the business by reducing maintenance and repairing expenses and improving employee morals thus increase in the productivity.

Being the leader of Mist Collector Manufacturers and we provide the high quality soldering fume extractor, the Fumekiller. This is a pollution control device that is specially designed to control fumes generated from soldering.

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