Making Money Online; the 3 Types of People that you will be in your Money Making Journey

by Mike G. Marketer

Making money online isn’t a fantasy world it is done every single day! It is up to you to who you will become, what you will believe.


I’m going to jump into the 3 types right away so that I don’t lose your attention. I first wanted stress the importance that you will be 2 of these types of people in order to be successful. If you are the one or get sucked in by one you won’t do much and it can hurt you offline as well.


1.   The Quitters with Octopus Arms


I won’t mince words here this is the worst person to be around or get connected to. This person looks and sounds like the real deal but they don’t believe or make any money whatsoever.


These are the “Quitters” they don’t believe in making money online or off for that matter anymore they have given up.

These people are sinking slowly in quicksand, they have lost touch with reality, they don’t know it in most cases. They wreck anything good that happens to them and embrace the bad.


These “Quitters” know the entire lingo and the system to making money online so they can loud talk their message. This message has little substance; in fact, it is made to bring you down!


An Example:


If a billionaire says to me “I will give you a billion dollars if dig a ditch across the United States with a spoon.” He wouldn’t finish the sentence before I as a marketer (action taker) snatch the spoon and start digging!


A “Quitter” will talk about it with fancy words for a few hours before he/she starts. He will need an ocean of water, fans running (or heaters) the whole time and to take a nap every two hours etc…


When the camera’s run on a marketer, he will look into the camera and say something like this:


“This isn’t about me or the money. This is about the little guy showing the corporate guys that we are the people who pave the roads, grows the food, pay the taxes that they don’t, who signs up to protect this country with pride while they hide.

This is about the veteran who gets out with honors to no job and face foreclosure for his family, about the single mom who is barely surviving, about the homeless, the college grad who is overwhelmed in debt with no possibility of a good job, from urban areas to the middle of farmlands. I urge you to grab your middle class, underprivileged or not worthy spoon and come out to show the so called upper-class the real class of people to show how we get this done.”


The marketer (me in this case) gets a million fired up people digging with pride and urgency to finish the dig and collect the money!


The “Quitter” looks into the camera and says this:

“This is what’s wrong with the world. They, the world leaders and rich want to enslave us! They know I can’t do this so they make it impossible. I say we quit taking this; we shouldn’t have to do anything purely for their enjoyment.

I say we quit everything don’t go to work, school or anything else you don’t want to do. Give them what they give you! Nothing.”


A billion people join the “Quitter” which makes their lives worse at every level. That’s what “Quitters” do.


The third type of person is the “Customer” they know their role to just buy things that are useful or junk. You will need to be a customer at some point to be successful.


Here is what the marketing billionaire would do to pay off the challenge. Get a live video pay per view for $200 to 100 million people around the world of us (action takers) ditch digging. So it is a win win for all but the “Quitter.”


How a Marketer thinks


A marketer or whatever you want classify yourself thinks if he/she can get one sale out of 100 he/she is winning. This person expects to make money every day all the time. He or she is human so there are down points but the next day is a new day and will be a successful one!


Keep this in mind it may take some time to believe but once you do…things will happen! Thanks for your time and above all means enjoy life!



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