Make Money and get Referrals!! it's what you want right?

by Pierce Meyers Network Marketer

These are the 2 things we are all wanting from our networking but unless you have

a solid foundation and the knowledge to work with you will undoubtly fall into the

97% failure rate.

This is the precise reason I created the PTCCashflowmarketing course. it answers

these basic questions and solves the problems most marketers have when getting


First is money, why? it is what is needed to make better money. Sure we can make

a few bucks here and there but isn't the big bucks, the monthly instant paychecks

we want? By using PTC's while building our foundation we answer this problem.

down side, it takes daily activity to keep it profitable. 5 days a week is what's


  Next is referrals, without referrals we will never increase our mlm levels and never

see that residual income. By using proper marketing techniques we answer this problem as well. These techniques benifit the user first and the opportunity next.
This is long term marketing.

  Down side, it takes time and or money to keep it going. Time to promote and create

advertisments and promote them. With money you can pay for those to be made and

can pay for advertising saving you time. It will still take you personally doing whichever you choose either way.

Next is the knowledge to do it all. With the knowledge to do this all, choose the right

PTC's the right strategies, the right marketing strategies and the ability for our referrals to use this same knowledge we all will have a better chance at success.

The PtcCashFlowMarketing system gets you making money from day 1, gets you promoting for referrals while building your list from day 1, gives you the knowledge in knowing your referrals can do the same as you and make money from day 1 too. Work for yourself first which includes working with your referrals too. This takes team effort, you wont do it yourself.

Want an easy challenge? Try me out for a month and see what you get. It's free.

  To make the residual money you need to join the one mlm program, this is that do

nothing money. Sure at the start you need to find 3 referrals and help them to do the

same, but after that, it's all just a paycheck each month.

Simple actions for easy money.


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