Low Cost Treatment for Prostate Cancer in India by Experienced Surgeons


What is prostate cancer?

Low cost treatment for prostate cancer of India has provided relief to hundreds of local and foreign cancer patients. Prostate cancer is the cancer related to the prostate gland. This is a gland in the male reproductive system. The prostate gland secretes an alkaline milky fluid that comprises 50-75% of the human semen. The alkalinity of the semen helps in neutralization of the acidity in the vaginal tract. Thus the life span of the human sperms is prolonged. Most prostate cancers grow slowly however aggressive prostate cancers are also seen that grow and spread at a rapid rate. The cancer cells may metastasize from the prostate gland to the other parts of the body typically through the lymph nodes and bones. Prostate cancer does not show any symptoms initially. However it displays pain, problems in sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction and difficulty in passing urine.

What are the kinds of prostate cancer?

Following are the main kinds of prostate cancers:-

1)      Ductal Adenocarcinoma: This kind of prostate cancer originates in the cells that form the line of the tubes of the prostate gland. This kind of cancer spreads quickly. As a result many men are seen at the advanced stage of prostate cancer during the diagnosis of this disease.


2)      Acinar Adenocarcinoma: Nearly 10% of prostate cancers come under the group of Acinar Adenocarcinoma. Mostly everyone diagnosed with prostate cancer has been found to suffer from this type of prostate cancer which commences from the gland cells of the prostate. Most of this cancer grows slowly and does not spread to the other organs and tissues.


3)      Transitional cell cancer: This kind of prostate cancer originates in the cells that line the urethra. This type of cancer may also start in the bladder and spread into the prostate gland. This kind of prostate cancer might also spread into the bladder entrance and the nearby tissues.    

What are the reasons of prostate cancer?

1)      Age: It is very often seen that men above 50 years and below 70 years are likely to suffer from prostate cancer.
2)      Family history: It has been seen that any one or both of the parents suffering from prostate cancer are likely to transmit the disease to their off springs.

3)      Racial factors: It has been observed that African and Caribbean men suffer more from prostate cancer than in Asian and white men.

4)      Vasectomy: Men undergoing vasectomy has a slightly more danger with getting caught by prostate cancer.

5)      Sexual factors: Case studies show that men starting sexual activity at an early stage have the risk of suffering from prostate cancer.  

Options for prostate cancer treatment and surgery

Following are the major options for prostate cancer treatment and surgery:

1)    HIFU: This word HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound. This HIFU makes use of high frequency radiations to heat and destroy the cancer cells seen in the prostate gland. When these high sound waves are concentrated on the body tissues then the tissue containing cancer cells gets heated and dies.

2) Robotic surgery: Robotic surgery is an advanced technique to eliminate prostate cancer. In this technique the robotic arm holds the tools of prostate cancer surgery. The main advantage of robotic surgery is high accuracy in performing the surgery and reducing the complications attached to this surgery.

3)      Cyber knife treatment: In this procedure the patient lays without any motion of the body. He breathes normally while the cyber knife zeroes on the prostate and irradiates it without damaging the surrounding parts of organs and tissues. This treatment is comfortable for patients and is completed within 4 to 5 days.

Scope of prostate cancer surgery in India

Low cost treatment for prostate cancer in India has a great scope. Indian cancer surgery hospitals at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai have been recognized as safe and advanced medical destinations for curing prostate. Many patients from foreign destinations are coming to India to get cured of their cancer disease at an affordable cost. The quality of medical treatment in India is equal to the standard of treatment as seen in the USA, UK and other western countries. Cancer surgery hospitals in India have the most advanced diagnostics and imaging facilities of Asia including CT technology and MRI. The cancer surgeons of India doing different procedures of prostate cancer surgery are well qualified and hold years of precious work experience. These surgeons are working at renowned surgery hospitals.      

About the company:

Forerunners healthcare is one of the most leading and top notch healthcare providers in India.  It provides the best medical treatment and healthcare provisions through its associated hospitals and surgeons. “Good quality medical treatment at affordable prices” is the primary slogan of Forerunners Healthcare for its patients. You can know more in this concern by sending your queries at . You can also make a phone call to us at +91-9371136499

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