Look Younger With Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers Techniques


Dermal fillers are injected in to the skin & produce fabulous results for individuals who have volume loss due to disease or the aging method. Fillers are also used for lip augmentation. Dermal fillers are injected using several techniques & ought to only be injected by a physician or other licensed medical professional trained in the injection procedure.


* Linear and Threading Techniques

These techniques include linear model to inject the filler single-threaded. A few pin-point linear model often used in this process. The filler will massage the skin, the treatment they need to fill the field.


* Cross-Hatching Technique


In the cross-hatching process the single injection point is used and the filler is fanned out. Another single injection is used and these threads of filler intersect with threads of the first injection. This process is used to fill in lines around the mouth, which are sometimes called smirk lines or marionette lines. After injection the filler will be massaged by the doctor to assure the proper correction is achieved.



Dermal Fillers Injection Techniques


The technology used in cosmetic surgery is one of the dermal filler technology. To eliminate wrinkles, remove wrinkles, or otherwise fill the body and face depression or shrink with age, the dermal filler used, the brine or other filling material into a variety of skin and tissue areas.


* Nasolabial Folds – Linear Threading and Fanning


The nasolabial fold is the area below the nose on both sides of the right nostril. These areas tend to wrinkle or wear due to age, sun and laugh lines. Using the same linear thread and incite the previously mentioned techniques, the nasolabial fold injectable skin fillers and massage until the wrinkles have disappeared. . Fanning helps to improve the joint between the dermis and the dermal layer, there is no obvious lines.


* Hyaluronic Acid


A dermal filler injection techniques is to determine what the filler actual use or injection. Silicones are used in many applications, but today there are many substances, such as hyaluronic acid, has become prevalent in the market. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body, is widely used for facial filling injections, according to the article “soft tissue augmentation: Use of hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

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