Life Saving Kidney Transplant in India after Kidney Failure

by Deep Ray Health

Kidney transplant in India is a life saving option for hundreds of people suffering from kidney failure. Patients of all age can come to India to get themselves treated from various kidney problems and diseases. When a patient is diagnosed with kidney failure, kidney transplant is the only option that can save their life. People after their kidney transplant in India has lead a normal active life giving the confidence to other patients that India is a very good option if you want economical cost surgery at high quality.

India has become a medical destination now for all the patients across the globe who comes with a hope to avail quality treatment at bearable cost and truly good hospitals of India are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of treatments for various kinds of Kidney transplant disordersand also told about -

1)Various Kidney Transplant Surgery options available in India.
2) What to expect after Kidney Transplant Surgery—from the initial phase to continual recovery.
3) Why and how is each Kidney Transplant Surgery done?
4) Who is the right candidate for Kidney Transplant Surgery?
5) How well does the Kidney Transplant Surgery works?
6) What are the risks of the various Kidney Transplant Surgery procedures?
7) Planning of Kidney Transplant Surgery for International Patients in India.
8) Kidney Transplant Surgery Packages available for International patients in India.

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure in which the damaged kidneys of a person are replaced with a functional kidney from a person who is alive or has recently died. Although a kidney transplant operation is a simpler procedure than most organ transplants, there are certain factors that are of paramount importance for the success of the procedure. To maintain the viability of the donor kidney, it has to be transported in a salt water solution and can only be preserved for a couple of days. During this time, the blood group of the donor and the recipient are matched.

Before the operation, the patient's blood and tissue typing is done. In all transplants there is a high risk of rejection by the recipient's body, and therefore all patients need to be put on drugs like cyclosporin or steroids that depress the immune system.

During the Kidney Transplant Surgery procedure the patient will be under general anesthesia throughout the surgery. Once asleep, the transplant surgeon will make an incision on the right or left side of the lower abdomen just above the groin. The surgical team will then place the donor kidney into the abdomen and connect the kidney's blood vessels to the recipient's iliac artery and vein. The surgeons will then connect the ureter to the bladder. A small drain, called a Jackson Pratt, may be placed into the abdominal cavity to drain any excess fluid. Kidney transplant surgery usually lasts three to five hours.

The "break even" cost of kidney transplants in India is shrinking; the cost of a kidney transplant has dropped so significantly that it is cheaper to have a transplant than to stay on dialysis for more than two and a half years, even among the sickest patients. In India the cost of kidney transplant is extremely low which costs, about 1/3 of costs in USA or Europe. It is hard to measure the quality of life because every person looks at his or her life differently. However many patients who have received a kidney transplant attest to the positive impact on their lives since they had a transplant.

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