Life is a double-edged sword

by Lisa Neo accounting

On the text

Lift up the pen, to write about the text, there are numerous names across the front, Yu Qiuyu, Baby Anne, Li Bihua, Su Tong, Guo Jingming, Du tearing, Hugo... ...

Like many styles of replica ray ban sunglasses writing, Yu Qiuyu burden, Anne's gorgeous, Guo Jingming bright, dura tear banished... ... Every text is not only the meaning of graphic expression, is to tell a paragraph of affection, is a soul communication, is a mark of the life of Bibi, is a chain of moments of hanging in the memory before the door bell... ...

Durant said, the office is a Dutch act, office people are always lonely, read for the first time, feel very terrible, savor, you will find that it is because Du tearing love words, deeply drunk among them, inextricably bogged down in. Think of yourself, but have been afraid of loneliness, fear of loneliness that all is still. The dark heavy oppression feeling, so he has been writing, has been read, want to quickly quickly out of the lonely prison, back when found, he has been writing deeply touched upon, in the nib addicted, so to Haruki Murakami, look at the habits and loneliness, but interesting, you grasp the lonely people how to write the sad winter youth.

Sometimes will suddenly think, if there is no text, what will happen to my life? Maybe like four Miss wrote: we are crazy about the text brings warm feeling, just like the peacock infatuated with his feathers moth infatuation, burning flame, Narcissus infatuated with clear reflection, meteor crush falls suddenly, we a text for a living, to the text heating, if one day we have no words, we it completely dead.

Therefore, to leave some words, give me your love and your love words.


On the ray ban sunglasses 3025 network

False and true, perhaps that is where most people obsessed with the network. Access to the Internet for a long time, encounter a lot of people, also began to indulge in the fantasy world. In the network, some are illusory

Identity and gender, but it is most true soul standing in front of you, in the soul of the collision sparks the moment, will have the heart to bear a sense of austerity, because it is so real, stripped of all hypocritical coat, with no real word, deduce a wonderful but maybe nobody cheers life.

The first post still remembers Anne baby: what is boring? Is listening to the rain outside the window to sleep, but cannot find the phone, watching white cherry blossom petal flakes, suddenly reminded of a loved one.

This network is the deep, lost in the network, like lost in real life, as " our eyes looking at the sky, day in and day out of the spring and autumn, lamented the outside world is wonderful, the world is very helpless ", go to the empty street fight hard: in the ivory tower, but lost the pursuit, lose courage, lost, lost a lot of things to have ray ban sunglasses sale . So make yourself a snail, with fragile shell wrapped themselves, shrinkage in the network corner, waiting for the days go by and hope to come suddenly.

So think of the lonely, and then leave some words, give their love to the people and their love of the network.


About life

Youth is really like a sad song, lamented the time like running water, want to cherish, it has been inherent in our grief at separation and joy in union neither fast nor slow speed in the past, until one day we are old.

Life is a double-edged sword, bring joy to also did not forget to always quietly take many sad, but no matter what you to say, life is still a day for a day... ...

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