Lexan Polycarbonate Film: Enhanced Functionality At Least Price

by Abhishek Kapoor Abhishek Kapoor

Polycarbonates also known by trademark name Lexan are special category thermoplastic polymers. These can be easily worked upon, thermoformed and molded. Polycarbonates are used for numbers of applications to have an edge over conventional manners. Lexan polycarbonate films are very durable with high impact resistance. However, it has comparatively low scratch resistance power; so, manufacturers apply hard coating on one side or the both sides to make it long lasting as we see in exterior automotives components. Carbonate Poly Films are easy to die cut. These possess wonderful ink adhesion and dimensional stability characteristic that make it excellent option for menus and overlays.

The properties that make Lexan films an ultimate choice for range of industrial and commercial applications include heat resistance, rigidity, toughness, elasticity, electrical insulation, chemical resistance and excellent abrasion. High gloss Poly-carbo films with both sides removable protection films is massively used for advertising, printing, labels, poster overlays and for protecting the helmets, toys and car bodies etc from scratches. The light weight as compared to glass leads to development of display electronic screens replacing glass with Poly-carbonate sheets and film. These are also used to make the mobiles and numbers of portable devices safe from water and scratches both. Touch panels are other great example of increasing use of Carbo-poly Films.

Customized Lexan Polycarbonate Films For Enhanced Functionality:


The best part of Poly-lexan carbonate Films is that these can be tailor made to suit the length, width, and thickness. Tolerances too can be varied for special applications. 915 x 610, 610 x 915, 915 x 610, 915 x 610 and 915 x 610 are the standard sizes; however, by placing the order for custom size, savings can be improved further but only if the requirement is of bulk nature. Graphics – floor, in-store graphics, tags, labels on food, tags/labels in horticultural, tags/labels on luggage and touch pad membranes are the common areas that need this innovative product that delivers surprising cost benefits. To shape the innovative designs and out of box applications, carbonate poly Lexan films can be put in different categories: Uncoated Graphic Films, Coated Films, Display Films, Electrical Films and Security ID-card Films etc. Uncoated Graphic Films can be further categorized as Polished Surface Films, Single side Textured Films and Two sided Textured Films. Coated Films category includes the sub segments like Anti-fog Film, Abrasion Resistance Film, Formable Films, and Weather able Film & Hard Films etc. Display Films may be of two categories- Microlens Diffuser and Straight Prism Films. Electrical Poly Films can be explored under the product galleries of FR Films and Bromine Free Film.  Security card Polycarbonate Films may be of Mono-layer, coex-layer and Coated categories. Deep search in mono and multi layers extrusion art may take you next level of presentation to boost business profits.


All categories of Lexan Polycarbonate Films are made of high quality without any compromise with performance standards; however, the application process may make the difference in life and durability. Leading manufacturers of Polycarbonate Films in India and their channel partners offer onsite assistance also, so, it is important to focus upon the sourcing process.

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Polycarbonates are best known by name, trademark Lexan thermoplastic polymers in a specific category. Know more about the Lexan polycarbonate film & it's functionality from our expertise.

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