LED High Bay Light: - an Economical Replacement of Incandescent Light

by Jennifier Mark Writter
Electricity as we know it is a very basic and primary need of everyone. In today's modern Era nothing is possible without electricity even we are in home or we are a business owner. Electricity is a very crucial resource and we always try to save it, we always try to choose some kind of techniques which are helpful to save electricity. A major part of electricity is consumed in lighting system. There are many kinds of lighting systems are used like incandescent, fluorescent and LED lights. These all are very good source of lights, but each one has some unique features and specialties.

Why Replacement of Incandescent light was discovered?

Incandescent light system has been using for many years and it is the oldest method of lighting system, but this kind of light system is not energy efficient and as resultant it raised our electricity bills. Incandescent lights system product too much heat and they were not environment friendly. This traditional light gives an orange color light, which is not suitable in most of the application.

Actually Incandescent lights use a filament to produce visible light, this filament
produce light while it gains heat from electricity. So it takes only 5-10% electricity to produce light and rest 90% is used to produce heat from filament. To overcome these kinds of problems, new lighting sources are discovered. LED lights and Compact fluorescent Lights (CFL) are good inventions to resolve these problems.

Economical Light system

If we focus on economical light system, then LED lights are the first choice. LED lights are not only economical, but also they are pollution free. LED lights are environment friendly because they do not have any kind of chemical product like mercury, which is available in Fluorescent lights. LED light system has many good features and just because of those features they are used widely nowadays everywhere like in warehouse, in home, in manufacturing company etc... Some features of LED high bay lights are:-

-Easy maintenance: - LED lights have very easy installation and no need to do regular maintenance. In other words, we can say once you have installed LED lights, and then forget it for many years.  So no maintenance charges for LED high bay lighting fixture.

-Energy efficient
: - LED high bay lighting is very helpful to save 90% electricity, but for this it is very important to choose a good dealer of LED light fixtures like Adattsi LED high bay lighting and always choose high quality LED lights.

- Uniform visibility: - In some kind of industry, lighting has a very impact on productivity and operations which are performed in an industry.  So it is essential to choose a uniform light system. LED high bay provides light similar to natural sunlight and it is uniform. It is the great feature of high bay light and because of this it is widely used in warehouses.

-Cooling Efficiency
: - Another great features of LED High Bay light, it does not produce too much heat in the environment so it improves cooling efficiency. LED lights are not based on filament features, they use diodes.

Applications of High Bay LED System

There are many applications where LEH high bay lights have been using for many years such as:

Decorative light application: - Sound strange, but yes LED lights are widely used for decoration purpose, we can see many examples of this in our life like in pub, bars, in a wedding hall and in our home.

Ceiling lights: - It is the main use of LED high way lights. They are widely used in warehouse which has high height ceiling and they are also useful in homes ceiling.
LED back up lighting and up lighting: - LED lights are very useful to create different spectrum of lights on a building. We can also create many design with LED lights.

LED Downlights
: - LED light is the best replacement of big halogen. They consume very less electricity and they are much safer than traditional halogen lights.

So we can say that LED lights are the best source of visible light.

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