Learn the basics of Beard hair transplantation

by Jackson Clark SEO Executive
What is bear hair transplantation?

Some men do not have enough hair in their face and this gives them a female look Such men are very  much disturbed by this and they are ready to do anything and spend any amount of money to bring back manliness to them. Beard hair transplantation is a surgical procedure now in practice by which the reduction of hair in their facial regions is overcome. Haartransplantation Korrektur is a procedure in which hair from scalp is removed and implanted on the beard to make it thick.

The lack of hair on the faces of men can be due different reasons like genetics, electrolysis, laser hair removal, burns or injury, surgery, accidents etc. The beard hair transplantation procedure can be performed in the areas where the hair growth is thin and the patient wants more fullness.

How many grafts needed?

Generally about 350-500 grafts will be needed for mustaches.  A full goatee usually needs 600-700 grafts for making it look beautiful and natural. About 300-700 grafts will be needed for a cheek beard. When patients need for number of grafts it will be carried out as second Beard hair transplantation procedure.

E number of grafts required can vary but averages are as follows: 350-500 grafts for the mustache, 600-700 grafts for a full goatee, 200-250 grafts for each sideburn, and 300-700 grafts for a cheek beard. While not very common, some patients may require a second procedure to transplant additional grafts if they desire a very thick density.

This procedure is usually carried out as a follicular unit extraction procedure. In this method hair from the donor area is removed in follicular units and they are planted one by one in the area where hair has to be transplanted.

Donor area is that area from where the hair needed for transplantation is extracted. Usually back side of the scalp or both sides of the scalp where hair grows thickly is the most suitable areas for taking donor hair. A strip of tissue from this area about 4 inch in length is cut and they are cut into further small pieces so that thesurgeon can extract individual follicles of hair for transplantation purpose.After separating each of the hair follicles they are kept in special solutions till they are placed in the area where they are to be transplanted. After completing this process, the surgeon prepares the recipient area by making small holes in the area with the help of a fine needle and a microscope.After these holes are prepared the surgeon places these grafts to the small meticulously one by one.

When all the grafts are successfully placed, the head of the patient is covered with a bandage to safeguard the surgery area. After one day the patient can go home and after 4-6 days he will be able to attend his office and behave normally.  Pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics will be prescribed by the surgeon for about a week.

The Beste Haartransplantation will fall off within 5-6 days after the transplantation. But don’t worry about this. After about 3 months they will start growing and the growth will be completed withinthe next three months. Once they have grown, they will look like theoriginal hair that was present there earlier and they will remain growing as long as the man lives.

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