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Diamond cutting tools are used to change not only rough diamonds but also used in engineering industry as a cutter tool due to its hardness. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance. These tools cut diamond in such a manner that the brightness and shine of the gem reaches to the top. There are several companies engaged in manufacturing such tools and maintain quality standards in production techniques so that the array can meet specific requirements of different industries. Diamond cutting has developed into a profitable industry in recent times and therefore is an increase in the demand of professional diamond cutters who are well versed with the art of diamond cutting. There are diamond cutting tools which enables the diamond cutters a better approach to cut and polish a rough diamond. Such tools find extensive applications and usage in different industries. Due to their unmatched hardness, diamonds are very much popular among diamond cutters and they will always be in good demand.

Continental D. I. A. offers the best quality bridge saw blades for cutting any type of soft and hard stone. Bridge Saw blades are perhaps one of the most extensively diamond tools used in the construction industry. These tools are used widely for grinding, cutting and drilling abrasive materials. They are considered as the most flexible tool because they can be used in quite a number of types of saws and industrial cutting machines. Bridge saw blades are designed for wet usage. They also protect the workers from health endangering dust, overheating of the diamond blades and also help in getting precision cuts.  Its circular disc can be used for cutting and grinding extremely hard, abrasive and dense materials. These are useful and available in different varieties, sizes and types for cutting many applications. Therefore it is essential to first check its features. Before purchasing, it is quite important to consider certain things such as, the material type that you will be cutting and the characteristics of the blade itself.  Moreover, continual water supply on the cutting surface helps in getting leveled cutbacks and achieving greater depth chop. Furnished with tiny diamond crystals on the outer edge of the saw blades, these tools enable the blade to slice through hard materials and deliver precision cut. These blades are excellent for cutting hard materials and can provide best results with granite and engineered stones.

If you are looking for saw blades that can fit any type of saw, then bridge saw blades is the best option. Manufactured with high quality industrial diamonds, Bridge saw blades give best results even on toughest applications with ease.  Its high precision, high speed and durability has given them an edge over others. These blades can help you to get superior performance every time without compromising on quality.

Diamond Blades are for Cutting Marble & Other Soft Stones. Materials at the hard end of the spectrum will not be abrasive, like granite marble. But some materials like asphalt, which are at the soft end of the spectrum, will be very abrasive. A diamond blade can be designed for cut soft, abrasive materials like asphalt and green concrete or for something in between hard and soft. It is essential that the user should purchase a blade specifically designed and marketed for one type of material. If the user will be cutting a wide variety of materials or materials only in the middle of the hardness/abrasive scale, a general use diamond blade is the best choice. Continental DIA. is the one of the leading manufacturers of c- Frame tooling for stone industry; we carry high quality Cutting Tools, marble blades and more.

Continental D.I.A Products Inc. is the one of the leading manufacturers of Diamond Cutting Wheels, grinding cup wheels, Marble Blades, Granite Polishing Pad and turbo blade.

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