Latex Rubber and Liquid Latex to Create Masks

by Mark Claint SEO

Masks made of latex are very popular and can be a fantastic finishing touch to an outfit. They are generally made up of latex rubber.

Although some of the masks, a bit more expensive, can be made up of other materials such as silicone rubber or vinyl. They are commonly used as special effects in movies to look completely realistic. Latex rubber offers the mask creator a wonderful medium to express a vast array of different worlds such as beauty, fantasy, ugliness, evil, alien beings and horror. The latex mask is mainly popular for the horror aspect. Using latex, the grotesque aspect can be very well represented. Latex casting rubbers are formulated to be more viscous than latex mold making rubbers. They are mainly used for mask making, costumes and hollow castings.

Form of liquid latex with colorant is also for body paint due to its ease of application and durability. Other body paints tend to smudge against fabric, often leaving dirty and stained clothes. Once the liquid latex has dried on the skin, these issues will not be there.

RD 407 Mask Making Rubber is the industry standard casting rubber used in the manufacture of latex masks, props, gloves and other thin skin latex products. These latexes can be poured into special plaster molds such as those made of Castrate. The liquid latex then sits in the mold for about 30-45 minutes and is poured off. What is left behind is a thin skin of latex rubber. After drying overnight the result is a flexible rubber skin in the form of the mold which can be painted using latex paints. Latex casting rubbers can also be used as a dipping rubber to form successive coats such as on tool handles.

Liquid latex can also be used to create molds used to cast plaster, polyester resin or urethane parts or to create masks. Latex rubber is one of the least expensive mold making materials you can chose, yet it is very durable and long lasting. Latex is extremely tough and tear resistant and will last longer than other mold making choices when casting abrasive materials such as concrete. Latex can be applied to models such as architectural details where they are, without the latex running off vertical surfaces or needing to be thickened. In addition liquid latex is a theatrical and special effects product used to create wrinkles, scars, gashes and as an adhesive for bald caps.

Liquid latex is used to help setup the area for makeup and to help with easy makeup removal. It is used in many industries and make sure you buy latex that does not contain toxic chemicals. They are also available at an affordable price.

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