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One of the most popular forms of hair removal is via laser. Laser hair removal has it’s benefits and it’s consequences, though. It’s expensive, requires many treatments to reach desired hair growth and can be a bit painful. Also, in most cases, it doesn’t work on people with blonde, red, grey or any lighter hair colors. This is because the lasers work by detecting dark pigments (hair follicles) in the skin.

Affordable, Effective Hair Removal WITHOUT Expensive Laser Treatments >> Dermology® or Revitol® Creams Laser treatments remove unwanted hair through the use of, well, a laser! It’s basically a matter of targeting the desired area and burning the hair out. Sounds worse than it actually is, trust me. It’s generally a light sting. And once you’ve had it done it stops the hair from growing back again.

As mentioned before, you have to be an ideal candidate to have laser hair removal done. Ideally you should have dark hair and paler skin. Naturally dark individuals or people with tans are not good candidates for treatments, either. If you have a tan you’ll have to wait until it’s gone to have laser done. But if you’re naturally dark it’s just not a good idea.

People with lighter skin tones and dark hair are great candidates for this hair removal method. With this combination you can expect to have easier, fewer and more effective treatments. Dark skin makes the treatments more difficult, longer, more in number and sometimes ineffective.

Common Areas to Have Lasered

You can pretty much have any area on your body done but the most common are listed below:

• Back• Neck• Legs• Chest• Bikini Line• Face• Underarms• Upper Lip• Abdomen

Be sure to discuss with the laser consultant or technician about what part of your body you’d like done. They will be able to give you a great idea of how high the success rate will be, how much it will cost and other important details.

Laser hair removal isn’t just performed on women, either. Men have it done, too. Most men get their beard, neck, back or chest done. The procedure has quickly become of the most popular here in the United States and other countries. Everyone wants to look great and sometimes that requires getting rid of hair patches.

Laser hair removal generally works well for most people but it does have it’s disadvantages, too. One thing you’ll need to check into is the experience of the staff of the spa or office you’ll be having your procedure at. Inexperienced or not-so-well trained employees can burn or even scar your skin. So make sure you’ll be working with someone who has done plenty of successful treatments.

How much is laser hair removal

The cost is another concern for many people. This depends on a variety of things such as which business you’re using and the area you want lasered. A ballpark figure would be around $800 to $4,000. It all depends on how many treatments you’ll need and what you’ve having done. If you’re just getting a bikini treatment expect the low end, if you’re getting your back or legs done, expect the higher end. (Laser Hair Removal Aftercare)

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone. The cost alone deters many from having it done. But don’t worry. If you’re an ideal candidate for laser there are other methods you can try such as creams, sugaring or threading.


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