Kodak in situ resurrection? The helping hand to another mode of self-help

by Newbattery Wang

Tencent technology Lou pool in September 8th reported

The technology industry in the former giants make the dead come back to life story is not too little, but may be dedicated to this screen kodak.

This Thursday, two Kodak company held a press conference in Shanghai and Beijing, the official re debut in china. Named Kodak Alaris's new company inherited the personalized image and document imaging business old Kodak, company called Kodak has inherited the old Kodak commercial printing business.hp Battery

Although the two companies have no contact from the legal relationship, but such coordinated steps that the two companies still have to communicate. An already by the media and the industry of the death sentence of 100 years old, one divides into two. Actually, get rid of the crisis based on complete inheritance Kodak business, exemplary in situ resurrection.

Who saved Kodak? Willing to step forward bravely in the most dangerous time is Kodak Kodak Kodak's biggest creditor -- British pension scheme (Kodak Pension Plan, hereinafter referred to as the fund for Kodak Kodak retired), not only from the $2500000000 pension obligations, and to provide $650000000 in cash to the Kodak, the greater is the Kodak, the hands of more than 7000 patents did not transfer to Kodak Alaris company.HP 485041-001 Battery

Although after the rebirth of the two companies will be difficult to say that everything is going smoothly. In business, but rather than being digital photographic industry of mobile phone industry step by step, who has the last laugh I'm afraid there's no telling really. A former employee said Kodak, stripped of the traditional business of Kodak at least can slowly sell their own hands the remaining patent, no fear of giant fish in troubled waters.

A hundred years old lesson: positioning fuzzy crisis

The morning of January 19, 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection, to the court in New York before this, Kodak just received the NYSE delisting warning. But the capital market is not to lose confidence in Kodak, Citigroup for Kodak provides support for 950000000 US dollar 18 month time credit, restructuring to help it.Sony Battery

The crisis of bankruptcy is a comes lesson for Kodak, this 130 years of history, once in a century long time are the global film market Ngau tau. According to "the economist" reports, to 1976, in the United States of America Kodak film and camera sales in the proportion has reached 90% and 85% respectively. Until the 1990's, Kodak has always been the five most valuable brands.

But with the photography from film to digital steering, the company can not give up huge profits for film and declining, according to bankruptcy reorganization Kodak submitted application documents show, the assets of $5100000000, $6800000000, has been unable to pay its debts. Ironically, the world's first digital camera of the invention is Kodak Research institute.Sony VGP-BPS13/S Battery

Kodak quickly fall lessons hard simply boils down to the choice between technical and commercial error, a Kodak old employees to Tencent technology said, Kodak is more wrong in the crisis is still ambiguous, technical change does not represent a commercial failure, electronic technology cannot destroy watchmaking, electric shaver cannot destroy the Gillette, Kodak should make a more quality and taste things with film.

Kodak resurrection: another mode of self-help

In the outside world that Kodak already could not escape the fate of bankruptcy, it has quietly changed. In the search for mergers and acquisitions, the sale of patents to solve the debt problem and various plan ran aground after May, 2013, Kodak Kodak retirement fund the largest creditors took over the former personalized image and document imaging business.Acer Battery

The Kodak Kodak company pension funds had to claim 2800000000 dollars, but in the end they not only from the Kodak 2500000000 pension obligations, also provides $650000000 in cash.

In September 3rd, this project was officially announced, the establishment of the new company, in order to distinguish and Kodak, the new company was named Kodak Alaris. Notable is, President of the Dennis Olbrich and Kodak Alaris document imaging business personalized image business CEO Dolores Kruchten is the original Kodak Kodak executives, employees have to Tencent technology, actually took the gold silver Kodak retirement funds do not interfere too much management business.Acer AS09A61 Battery

Different from the outside of the company will move quickly the two business speculation, Kodak retirement fund President Stephen Ross (Steven Ross) said it would retain the business for at least ten years, and then consider the external sale problem.

Obviously, although the legal point of view the two companies have no relationship, but with the degree of Kodak Kodak retirement fund of original super normal company, one is to ignore the fact that, even today, more than 7000 patents remains in the Kodak hands, rather than the new Kodak Alaris.

Future are: two Kodak two fate

How will the Kodak avoided bankruptcy? This is a complicated problem, because even though the Kodak has become two companies one divides into two. It is foreseeable personalized image, Kodak Alaris is responsible for the document imaging business belongs to the stagnant growth but profits are still in business, but Kodak commercial imaging business competition.Sony VAIO FW Battery

Kodak Alaris to Tencent technology revealed, Kodak personalized image and document imaging business is expected to surpass $1300000000 in annual revenue. But in the media of communication this Thursday, the company seems to have inherited the old Kodak weakness, and failed to find a personalized image to the development orientation of the business, but in the document imaging business, they have made a series of planning for the enterprise market, but even so, the development prospects of the document imaging business still worrying, the paperless office has been and the original digital photography has become a trend.

And have better troops and simpler administration of Kodak also is not optimistic, because the spin off removed two business volume is huge, the commercial imaging business is still in the growth, in China for example, Kodak China 2012 sales of approximately $300000000, off just sell the document images and consumer imaging business, only $150000000, into a small company.Sony VGP-BPS13A/Q Battery

Kodak capital market is the business impact, media reports, the digital printing market to market size in 2015 will reach $155000000000. Packaging market capacity will reach US $300000000000 by 2015. But at present, there are commercial printing and packaging market has such as DuPont Big Mac, Kodak transformation may not be able to quickly produce effect.

A former Kodak employees to Tencent technology said, out of bankruptcy crisis Kodak has two advantages, one is despite challenges in commercial printing market is huge, but because of the low starting point, the growth in a large space, more in line with the capital market taste. The two is to have enough time to deal with the hands of more than 7000 patents, at least for now don't worry giants looting.

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