Kidney Failure Effective Herbs

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Kidneys form the essential organs of the human body. It is the organ, which helps to carry out the excretory system of the body effectively. It clears off the body by eliminating the wastes and the harmful materials from the body. This helps to maintain a wonderful metabolic rate.

Major Causes of Kidney Failure

The major cause of kidney failure is serious complications like diabetes, blood pressure.

Common Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Some of the common symptoms of kidney failure are blood in the urine, increased frequency in urination, inflamed feet, face, hands, legs, ankles, accumulation of fluid and water, pain during urination, rashes and infections, fatigue and tiredness, itching, nausea, breath shortness, dizziness, leg pain and vomiting.

Usually, one of the much common practice to treat the problem is dialysis. But, dialysis is not a permanent solution to the complication. So, people generally ten to avoid dialysis. Instead, they look for herbal alternatives. The herbs are extremely effective and have no side effects at all.

Effective herbs for Kidney failure

Following are the important functions of the herbs. These herbs are extremely effective and beneficial.

  1. They help in striking a balance amidst the major tri energies of Ayurveda - Vata, Kapha and Pitta.
  2. They help in maintaining the function of the kidneys normally.
  3. They help to regenerate the kidney cells properly.
  4. They help to carry out the body's metabolism efficiently.

Some of the important herbs, which help to treat kidney failure are the following:

  1. Varun
  2. Punarnava
  3. Gokshur
  4. Palaash
  5. Rakt Chandan
  6. Kaasni

Varun or Crataeva nurvala

This herb is commonly known as "Caper". It provides solutions to the infections caused in the urinary system and the related urinary tract. It eliminates the renal stones and the obstructions and provides relief from the situation of fluid accumulation in various parts of the body. Thus, it prevents swelling of the various parts effectively.

Punarnava or Boerhavia diffusa

This herb is commonly known as the "hogweed". It possesses rejuvenating and diuretic characteristics. It can restore the various body organs right from the basic cellular level. It also helps in cleaning the various systems of the body by flushing out the harmful materials from the body. It gives relief from the pain and discomfort during micturition. 

Gokshur or Tribulus terrestris

This herb has anti-microbial and diuretic characteristics. It acts as a tonic for the urino-genital tract of the body. It provides a cleansing action to the body and provides solutions to the various related kidney disorders effectively. Beside these, it also helps in enhancing the sperm count of the individuals increasing the sexual vigor and physical stamina to a huge extent.

Palaash or Butea monosperma

This herb is known as the "Flame of Forests". It acts as an urinary alkaliser and provides solution to the discomfort and pain during micturition. Kidney failure may result in great discomfort and pain, which can be easily treated with the help of palaash significantly.

Rakt Chandan or P. santalinus

This herb is commonly known as Red Sandalwood. It has anti-microbial properties. IT acts as a tonic and has diuretic characteristic as well. It is a superb cooling agent, which acts as alkaliser and provides relief to the discomfort of the kidney failure to a huge extent. It is highly useful for treating kidney infections effectively.

Kaasni or Cichorium intybus

This herb is called "Chicory". It works as a wonderful rejuvenator and imparts strength to the kidneys. It also helps in the proper functioning of the kidneys and provides wonderful solution during the various renal complications and kidney disorders effectively. This herb is highly useful for maintaining the health of the kidneys and the overall excretory system of the body.

These are some of the effective kidney failure herbs. These have a lot of medicinal properties. And they play a huge role in maintaining the health of the urinary system significantly. They help to lead a happy, healthy and fit life.

Planet Ayurveda presenting this article to improve your kidney health. Planet Ayurveda has treated many patients with the use of its wonderful herbal remedies which are formulated with standardized extracts of best quality herbs always. More over patients are able to avoid dialysis successfully with these amazing herbs. For more information you can visit us at our website

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