Kidney disease on dog: What is renal disease?

by Tony Agam Webmaster

Kidney disease or renal disease is a most common disease that can affect dogs especially during their older ages.

What is renal disease?

Usually the toxins that are produced by the body of animals get transferred to the kidney section where it gets dissolved in water and then filtered and excreted as urination.But when dog gets affected with this disease, the kidneys no longer work as it were and unable to filter the toxin and produce the urine.

Signs and symptoms:

Following are the usual signs and symptoms through which we can identify the renal disease.

Increased water consumption 
Blood in urine
Loss of weight
Increased urination(polyuria) or lack of urination(anuria)

The renal disease can lead to two types of kidney failures. They are as follows:

1.Acute renal failure

In this failure, the symptoms of the disease occur to the dog very suddenly with severe signs.
These signs may include vomiting,fewer,depression,lack of appetite and changes in the amount of urination.

2.Chronic renal failure

In chronic renal failure, the symptoms occur very gradually which many owners are missing to notice.
The chronic failure takes few weeks to years to become stable and which is what makes it very difficult to cure.
The symptoms of this failure include weight loss,poor hair coat,selective appetite and lethargy. 

Prevention steps:

Making a diet full of nutrition will make every organ in body become healthy including the kidneys to stay energetic.

Keeping a limit for drug and vaccination procedures which your dog is subjected will reduce the amount of toxins processed by the kidney. 

Taking your dog to the wellness center atleast once or twice will ensure that your pet stays on top of health and get rid of any diseases as they arise

Monitor thirst, appetite,behavior and energy levels of your dog constantly to ensure that everything is normal and not low or high.

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