Juice Rotation: Why You Need To Follow It More Often Than Not

by Ransi Plick Website Owner

While you are in a practice of consumption of natural juices, it is to be kept in mind that following them in a proper manner is highly critical to obtain benefits for your body. For this, if you require the assistance of an expert, you ought to acquire it prior to your commence with the juicing habits.

One of the better habits in consumption of natural juices is known as Juice Rotation, which means a combination of natural juices that are to follow one another in your list of consumption.

Rotation Of Vegetable Juices:

Various kinds of natural green vegetables are succulent enough to yield those healthy liquids, which are beneficial for the body. But if you are stuck to consumption of a single kind of veggie juice, it could require reconsideration due to the following:

·         Various veggie juices provide various kinds of nutrients in their own sweet limit. While some green juices are effective providers of various kinds of phytochemicals, flavonoids and antioxidants, other could store minerals such as iron, calcium and manganese etc. which too are essential for the functioning of the body. Therefore, rotation of colors of these veggies in terms of obtaining their juices could be a huge boon to obtain the nutrients in a balanced format.

·         Sticking to a dose of only a single kind of juice could lead to the extra supplement of some anti-nutrients in the body. For instance, kale juice contains substances known as goitrogens, which could be troublesome for human thyroid gland. Similarly, spinach could contain a bit of oxalic acid that could lead and increase to the kidney stones.

This is why rotation of vegetable juices is of utmost importance to keep the nutrients and anti-nutrients in a balanced form.

You could rotate the juice of one veggie family member with the other in turns. For instance, if your take spinach juice once or twice a week, take the lettuce or cabbage juice on the other days to balance the nutrients.

Similarly, if you love beetroot juice, try balancing it with cilantro, radish green or broccoli juice as a rotation measure to keep track of the nutrients that you intake.

Are Fruit Juices Too To Follow Rotation?

The fruit juices that you intake with the daily diet are lesser prone to cause damages to the body, since the poisonous substances present in fruits are mostly found in their seeds. Seeds are mostly the inedible parts of thfruits that are thrown away by the humans. Hence, you have lesser chances of being affected with the fruit toxins.

However, some other fruit juices such as Soursop juice and Cherimoya may contain a substance known as annonacin. These are the toxins that could cause brain damages when consumed in excess. Therefore, you would be required to balance these with other traditional forms of natural juices to offer your body relief from excess of intoxicating agents.  

Figure 1: Classification Of Succulent Veggies According To Their plant Families

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