Joey Atlas-Risks and solutions for emotional eating

by Xazel Catty Health and Fitness Consultant
Food source of food and energy without food will not be able to do our activities daily. Will wither muscles, we will fail in our nervous system. So, we all need food. however, food may also another role in our lives - a role for rest and recreation. Culturally and instinctively we are to prepare and serve foods comfort those who have suffered loss, to celebrate joy or to show friendship and love.

What exactly is emotional eating? See food as more than just a source of energy, and it has simply to satisfy it gives no error. In fact, science proves that food can promote good feelings chemical reactions that cause in our minds. What is the problem when an individual can not experience pain, anxiety, joy, or boredom, even without resorting to food as a way to deal with those feelings, or are obsessed with food and weight and follow diet?

Emotional eaters go to food as a source of distraction from dealing with emotions. However, eating these foods leads to guilt, which can only be calm with eating more, and diet restriction, excessive exercise or discharge. Eaters emotional tend to value themselves based on their weight and how closely they've stuck to their system of food ‘ideal’. Because of this distorted relationship with food, foods are labeled "good" and "bad." Emotional eating can also lead to eating disorders and severe depression.

How to tell if you're emotional eating. Did you turn to food for reasons other than hunger? Are obsessed with thoughts of food - whether you plan to eat or concentrate on restricting yourself from eaters? Are regularly attempt failed - which leads to feelings of guilt and meals as well as eating? You can think of or attempt to purge excess food, which opens or use laxatives? Exercise is mandatory when you think you're eating too much? More Pages here

If you can answer "yes" to any of the above questions, then you can actually engage in this dangerous habit. - overcoming emotional eating.
Since given emotional eating due to food strategy Addressing dieting emotional distress can actually create more problems. When it fails emotional eating stick to the diet because they are suffering from a sense of guilt, which can only be bursting with more food, and in return, more of a sense of guilt or punishment

Instead of trying to focus on what they are eating, emotional eating needs to learn new skills to cope with stressful feelings.

This often requires the assistance of a personal trainer or therapist who deals with emotional eating. except by finding alternatives for food and comfort requirement that the individual can put food in the right place and learn eating habits that last a lifetime.

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