Is There Possibility For Pregnancy While Taking Contraceptive Pills?

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional

Women who take contraceptive pills do get pregnancy on rare occasions. It is not because of the pill somehow failed to work. This rare occasion occurs because the women did or did not follow the guidelines properly while taking the pill.

Can a woman get pregnant while taking Birth control pills? The qualified answer is yes. There are lot of reasons why a woman on contraceptive pills could become pregnant. The most common reason is that she forgets or neglects to take the pill on one day or some more days. Depending on the busy life schedule and how often the birth control pill prescription is renewed matters the rare occurrence of pregnancy. The woman may forget to get the medicine from the drug store and delayed to start a new package of contraceptive pills. Another major mistake that some women do is to take the pills at different times on different days. The very essential point to be noted is that birth control pills should be taken daily at the same time. It is true that it is inconvenient for a woman to take the pill on the same time every single day but it is essential to ensure that contraceptive pills work successfully to avoid pregnancy.

If you miss your pill, consult your doctor or health care provider and ask if it is not an issue to take the pill later in that day or have to take two pills the next few days. This may be effective but the regimen varies according to the pills being taken so it is good to check with the medical professional before proceeding further. Sometime you may have to follow supplement birth control till next month to be on safer side.

If you are away from home and forgotten to take your contraceptive pills, do not take the pills offered by your friend. It should be noted that different birth control pills have different medicine formulations and what is prescribed for one woman will not work exactly the same for another woman. Moreover contraceptive pills are influenced or affected by other medications. Certain anti-seizure, anti fungal and antibiotic medicines influences and reduces the effectiveness of the birth control pills. Intake of some herbs and vitamins also influences the effectiveness of the birth control pills. Before your doctor prescribes any new medication for your illness or health problem, be sure to inform her or him that you are on the contraceptive pill so that you can avoid any potential problems.

Little known facts for getting pregnancy while taking birth control pills:

When you swallow a contraceptive pill it takes nearly 30 minutes to be absorbed in the blood stream and starts its function. If you get involved in the relationship in that half an hour right after the intake of the pill, there is chance for pregnancy. It is also possible if the woman is suffering from severe diarrhoea. If so, consult the doctor before taking another pill right away, or you may have to follow another method of birth control till next month. If it happens that you become pregnant because of any of the above said reasons and if you would like to have the baby you need not worry that the contraceptive pills will not affect the growth of the foetus. However if it happens stop taking the pills and contact your health professional immediately.

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