Introduction IPad 2 Screen Protector

by Jones
Company's own R & D and production, to ensure the lowest price, quality assurance, welcome to order.

Dimensions: length 14.5 cm, width 9.5 cm, in addition to cellular phones can not tolerate, accommodate almost all other models it! IPad 2 Screen Protector If you need other models, can be customized.

Shielding bag inside and outside the sub-floor, put the inner signal and can be completely shielded to prevent electromagnetic radiation, the outer layer to prevent the release of radiation and does not affect normal use of mobile phones. Concern for others and themselves, from the beginning!

IPad 2 Screen Protector cell phone into the inner layer after
1 If your phone calls without opening reminder that when someone calls will suggest "I'm sorry, your call can not be connected users, please dial later."

(2) If you opened the phone call reminders, when someone calls will be prompted to "Hello, IPad 2 Screen Protector you dial the call reminder feature has been enabled clients, you call the information we will notify each other text messages, Thank you for your call, hang up, goodbye. " Remove the shield bag in the mobile phone will receive text messages to remind someone calls. Allows you to deal with the case without off freely.

1, electronic information disclosure IPad 2 Screen Protector:
For information security as a mobile phone bags, both "phone resting bag" function. For example, the phone into the bag layer of information security, mobile phones will be in strictly protected status. The phone itself will "sleep", when mobile phones without any remote control device. Others call the phone will receive a "Your call is temporarily out of service user" message.

2, anti-degaussing IPad 2 Screen Protector:
Various types of memory cards with storage media of electronic products into the information security bag, can protect the data stored information, to eliminate static electricity, reducing the electromagnetic interference effects on memory contents, to prevent data loss. Such as credit card information security into the bag, cell phone signal to prevent the bank card demagnetization, to avoid the hassle of degaussing.

3, anti-electromagnetic radiation IPad 2 Screen Protector:
The mobile phone into security bags, open place can serve to prevent cell phone electromagnetic radiation, protecting health care function.

The crowd:
1, carrying various types of memory cards and storage electronics people.
2, would like to politely refuse to call people.
3, the military, law enforcement personnel and staff access to state secrets.
4, professional or technical contact and custody of those secret, such as: corporate leaders, engineers, civil servants, information processing personnel.
5, pregnant women, heart disease, with pacemakers and other groups threatened by the electromagnetic radiation.

Mobile phones and other communication terminals suitable place
1, the secret venue, conferences, business negotiations;
2, political, technological, economic confidential place;
3, information and communication hubs, warehouses: War Room, Intelligence Unit, confidential room, oil tanks, etc.;
4, private lounge, leisure venues do not want to be disturbed phone, such as: libraries, hospitals, fine restaurants, movie theaters, resorts, tourist attractions, nightclubs, bars, etc.;

Various types of memory cards and storage place of application of electronic products
1, office, laboratory, automotive;
2, may have static region;
3, may produce a strong electromagnetic areas;
4, electronic warfare battlefield;

Instructions for use:
You in any occasion, just need to phone or other communication products into the security bag, seal a good stick, ten seconds, will be completely shielded 100KHz? 18 GHz frequency range of the electronic signal, the phone will not connect.

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Vikas S. Advanced   InterNet Marketing Manager
hey nice one it is stylish and looking cool..
Nov 26th 2011 01:30   
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I really like this phone like shell.
Nov 26th 2011 03:19   
Mohemmed Elarby Magnate II   Web Designer,seo,Marketing,
Hi and have a nice day this's amazing thanks
Nov 26th 2011 05:57   
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Look like Nice & Stylish.
Nov 26th 2011 08:15   
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