Ingredients that go in Making a Health Supplement

by Mohd Zaheerul Hasan Senior Consultant
With technology set up for rapid expansion in today’s world, personal lives of people are becoming more and more nuclear. As the world becomes a closer society by the day, it is fast becoming difficult for people to keep up with their health amidst massive competition. Illnesses causing ailments are on the rise, the environmental contamination is yielding frightening results, and lifestyles have drastically changed. People have started having a stronger inclination towards artificial sources to maintain a balanced health as compared to natural resources. In this hectic manner of living, what does one do to maintain a decent health regime?

NUTRiGO, a health supplement launched by Dabur, is the solution. It is a health expert, incorporating all vital nutrients required for our physical bodies to survive.

We know that the environment enveloping us is becoming more polluted by the day; diseases have taken a record breaking toll than what it was probably a decade ago. With people opting for alternative remedies, like health supplements, multivitamins, amino acids etc., to procure a healthy lifestyle, it is far from comprehending what our bodies are being exposed to with the wear and tear they go through.

In terms of healthiness, although we have become more vulnerable, it seems we do not have as much time at our disposal as we ought to. In times like these, it becomes a need of the hour to combat the usual health deteriorating symptoms. Frequent illnesses, aches, falling hair, and early greying is perhaps a sign of what might be at the next corner.

Degenerating of the internal cells is one of the reasons for the aforementioned diseases. The process of this devolution, also called as oxidative stress, can occur primarily because of pollution. There are times when our hectic schedules do not allow us to live a proper, and needful, lifestyle – one that includes sufficient sleep and exercise. These are also causes that can cause oxidative stress. To counter the presence of these oxygen molecules, we need a proper intake of antioxidants.

Keeping in mind the supplementary nutrition required by a person, Dabur has introduced a health supplement, NUTRiGO, which consists of a well-proportioned mix of vitamins, minterals, amino acids and natural extracts. NUTRiGO strengthens the prevailing immune system, improving body’s resistance to fight illnesses.

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