Imagio WP Theme Review and Bonus - what is a WordPress theme?

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Just lately, one of our users asked us the question what is a Wordpress plugins framework? Before answering her question we did a bit of research, and the results were surprising. There were not a single comprehensive document that explained what is a Wordpress plugins framework. Majority of the content were sites listing the most notable free WordPress theme frameworks or perhaps WordPress theme frameworks compared and so forth Then there were some idea framework websites ranking top among the. In this article, we will do the best to answer questions like what exactly is WordPress theme framework, what type of subject frameworks exist, why carry out people use WordPress theme frames, advantages and disadvantages of using an idea framework, should you use a subject framework, and lastly what is each of our pick for the best WordPress theme structure.

The term WordPress theme framework generally refers to a code catalogue that is used to facilitate advancement a theme. In the old days of WordPress, there were some crucial difficulties with the way how themes had been developed and maintained. There seemed to be no good way of upgrading WordPress themes without losing all the tailor made styling options. There was absolutely no way to prevent copying and pasting of the same functionality code in every themes. While these two concerns might not seem like a problem to an average user, these can end up being disastrous for a few reasons. Imagine if you realized that the same code that you had been using in all of the themes had a security make use of. Even more important, what if this topic was something that you widely released for others to down load and customize. Yes, honestly, that is chaos waiting to happen. The core team and community decided to fix the issues stated earlier by introducing the concept of Father or mother Theme and Child Topic.
WordPress theme frameworks are intended to be taken as a parent theme where all the functionality lives. Developers can then create a kid theme to add custom hair styling while leaving the functionality areas of it to the framework. This permits for a centralized location wherever all the functions are organised. If the core development staff decide to deprecate a WordPress function, or there is a pest found in a specific theme system, then it is extremely easy to press out an update without adjusting anything the child theme provides. This method allows you to keep the “framework” of your site strong with no modifying how it looks.

Very well there are Free one and paid ones… Ok critically, there are a few type of frameworks which exist. There are complete drag & drop frameworks like Progress, development, Imagio Theme that empower users to create everything visually without the knowledge of code. Then you will discover pseduo-drag drop frameworks just like Pagelines and Thesis. These kinds of frameworks allow users to drag and drop pre-define sections (similar to how WordPress icons work). Obviously anyone can easily define custom sections making use of the available hooks and filtration systems offered by the frameworks. In that case there are theme frameworks which might be full of options. Themify and a lot others fall in this category. Last but not least, there are the theme frames that are built for developers to acquire a head start without the clutter and bloat like Genesis by simply StudioPress.


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