Hybrid solar inverter- A great innovation

by Gregory Berlanga Professional Writer
Solar power systems have been available from decades. But these became popular among people for the use at home few years back only. This is the most cleanest method of producing energy and it also helps in wiping out long electricity bills.

With the change in technology, these solar systems have become more efficient, durable and even less expensive. The major improvement in these is that the panels are used to turn sunlight into electricity.

Do you remember old hybrid solar inverter and the amount of noise it produced. Then the technology gave us an improved version of that and also environmental friendly. Firstly, it is important to know that what actually hybrid solar inverter is.
It is the one that consists of solar charge controller with a hybrid inverter.

This actually used to charge to supply full charge DC power to charge the battery. One of the major benefit of this is that this machine has provision to stop or stop gen set when the battery gets discharged. A keypad and LCD monitor is there which has control and monitoring options on it.

Manufacturers of solar inverter, Indonesia designs hybrid solar contains the following features:

  •  These are highly efficient with DC-DC conversion system
  •  Low current distortion
  •  Available for a wide voltage range
  •  High inrush current and a fast change over time.
  •  It has LCD display with keypad for easy accessing
  •  Three stage battery is there
  •  Current and temperature limit is an additional feature of the battery
  •  Types of batteries supported by it are Lead Acid Tubular Battery, Nickel Cadmium batteries etc.
  •  GPRS mounting system
  •   Inbuilt Data logging

In many countries these are getting popular amount people as they are getting addicted to the latest technology and has become aware of the benefits of using solar energy and have also moved forward in saving the environment.

Solar inverters are not only friendly but also economical. In many countries government provide rebate to the citizens who get installed solar energy for lightning homes. This is the way of encouraging people for using solar energy. Jakarta hybrid solar inverter for sale Indonesia has been providing people solar inverter at discounted prices in various parts of the country.

All these inverters requires low or no maintenance and are high on productivity. These are good for countries that require high productivity and economical products.

Types of hybrid solar inverters available in the market are:
  • True Sine Wave (TSW)
  • Modified Sine Wave(MSW)

TSW is preferred as compared to MSW due to many reasons and are available in different voltages that range from 12,24 and 48 units. It is advisable that while buying it you must buy the one that possesses volts more than the storage battery in the power system. As solar inverters are not cheap at all and should be purchased from a trusted and reliable supplier.

By using solar energy you will not be saving environment only but also you will experience a huge cut down in your electricity bills. These are not only durable but also require low maintenance. It is better to go solar and make life easy and simple.

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