Welfare mentality…

by Udo Hoffmann Erudite polymath

Welfare mentality…

The welfare mentality, ever heard of it?  Let me explain….

For anyone not aware of it I have a primary opportunity that I reserve for those who come to me looking for something that will free them from a job or give them the ability to decide their own fate.It is not something I push on anyone or pull out and showcase to everyone the moment we meet.  I like to get to know folks, find out who they are and whether they have anything to teach me or the other way around.  Then if they ask me for a means of achieving their goals I show them what I use as an option available to them.

Yet despite this I run across what I call “The Welfare Mentality”  Having taken the time to get to know a person shared my resources, knowledge and income methods I still find those individuals who have to wait until …. “Their unemployment runs out”, “I might lose my benefits”, or is hesitant because “If they make too much their housing rent goes up” and my all time favorite which I got last week…(again) “If I make more money I will have to pay more in taxes”

Did I miss the boat here or is the concept of making more money so hard to understand?  If you make more money you will not need unemployment, you will not need welfare, you will not worry about subsidized housing as you will be able to buy your own place and if you make more money you WILL pay more taxes but have more left over too!

Make $12,000 a year and with deductions and refunds you have $12,000 a year to live on.  Make $1,200,000 a year and even if you paid 50% in taxes you would STILL have $600,000 a year to live on!

Please don’t think I am only talking about people on assistance, the last comment was given to me by a person who’s wife is also working and together they bring in over 100K a year!

The welfare mentality is the state of mind where a person is afraid of losing a “benefit” they perceive themselves having in order to gain something they do not yet understand as being a greater benefit.  It goes to the core of who and what we are, caution is a good thing but when it makes our decisions for us it needs to be reigned in.

This is not all just a one sided issue, the flip side of the coin is the sales pitch given by some one who uses the welfare mentality to their advantage by pitching how little you have to do to benefit from being a member.

Personally I think that anyone pumping a join, push a button and sit back to reap the benefits program should be taken out and caned!  So too with the slimy shysters who promise “spillover” as the answer to your income worries.

If you buy into either of those concepts you are on the fast track all right, but it’s heading down a hill with a cliff at the end of it and a river full of alligators at the bottom.

So next time you hesitate to take action on something, or if you expect it all to be done for you while your sipping Mai Thai’s on the beach.  Stop and ask yourself “Am I in a state of welfare mentality, gullible or just cautious?”

I am actually going to save a detailed article on spillover for another day but here is another possible factor at work here too… FEAR, but that also is a topic for another discussion.

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Frank Innovator  
Nice One...
Sep 26th 2011 01:28   
Jasika Marshel Senior   Project Manager
Best Information..
Sep 26th 2011 02:04   
Riya Dsoza Advanced  
Interesting article.....
Sep 26th 2011 03:40   
Fred Mugone Magnate I   Health, Wellness, e-Business
Life is full of irony. Udo, your article brings this out very clearly. As much as, I think, all of us would want to become more successful than we presently are, there are some people - would you believe it?- who are actually SCARED of success! Baffling and puzzling!! They are actually "comfortable" with their status quo and would not like to rock it one single bit. Could it be that common human trait of fearing change, even if it is beneficial? Could be.
Sep 26th 2011 08:23   
NItin Kumar Freshman   
beautiful article, I like this articles
Sep 26th 2011 09:41   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
For anyone interested.... I publish a variety of articles and post a new one every day on my blog. the link is in my signature "TPR" you are welcome to follow me there... NOTE the blog is a work in progress so please excuse the look for the moment :)
Sep 26th 2011 12:03   
Catherine White Committed   Entreprenuer
Your article is well written with a strong point of view. I enjoyed it. I know exactly what you are talking about.
Sep 27th 2011 03:36   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Welfare mentality =standard conditioning. Get an education, get a job work for someone else and you have security. Very few people today understand the concept of achievement and working to better yourself if it means stepping outside of the box. We are being conditioned to crave safety and security above the greater things we could have or accomplish.
Sep 29th 2011 12:15   
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