How to Repair an Acer Aspire 5230 Battery?

by Jerrod G. Laptopsnatteru

For some unknown reason, your Acer Aspire 5230 battery fails without warning. You do not have a friend who owns the same laptop model, to borrow a spare battery. Worse, you do not have enough money to buy a replacement battery for Acer Aspire 5230 on the Internet, or a brick and mortar outlet, in your locality. How can you handle such a situation? Acer Aspire laptop batteries fail or die, because of an array of reasons; first, age related degradation wear out mechanical and electrical components of the battery, causing functionality issues over time. Processes such as oxidation and reduction can also destabilize chemical components of cells, lowering productivity of the battery as a result. Finally, cells in all Acer Aspire battery packs work in synergy, to power the laptop. Failure of one or more cells can break the circuit; rendering the battery unusable. If you can identify one of more these flaws on or in your Acer battery, and rectify using locally available materials, you can spring the dead battery to life, and save a lot of money as a result. Consider the following three steps, to help you in the process.


Step 1: Evaluate the Battery

Evaluate your Acer Aspire 5230 battery, to identify the source of the problem. First, switch off your laptop. Next, disconnect the Acer Aspire 5230 adapter you were using to power it from the electrical outlet. Open the back panel of your laptop and remove the dead battery. Check the battery for signs of damage, wear, and tear. Look out for cracks, frays, or burns, which are indicators of mechanical damage. If the casing of the battery for Acer Aspire 5230 is intact, and everything looks okay, check its contacts. Does it have dust or slabs of acid that can impede flow of power? If such flaws are eminent, soak a piece of clean cloth in rubbing alcohol and clean the contacts thoroughly. Make sure that they do not break or touch during the cleaning process. You will shoot and damage the laptop battery permanently. Re-install the battery in your laptop and check whether it has started working or not.


Step 2: Freeze the Battery

If after evaluating, cleaning, and reinstalling your battery for Acer Aspire 5230, it fails to spring to life, the next step you should take, is to freeze it for at most 12 hours. Lowering the core temperature of a battery for Acer Aspire 5230 significantly reverses common chemical reactions such as oxidation and reduction, and restores it to its original state. Again, remove the battery from your laptop. Pack it in a zipper bag made of plastic. Expel air, and seal the bag tightly. If you leave air the bag prior to freezing, it can condense to form water, which is a number one killer of laptop batteries. Place the bag with the battery in your refrigerator when you go to sleep and let it chill until morning. The next day, remove the battery from the plastic bag and let it thaw on a clean towel on your table. Finally, re-install it in your laptop, charge it for a couple of hours using an original adapter, and check if the problem persists.


Step 3: Replace Dead Cells

If at this stage your Acer laptop battery is still not working, chances are that one or more cells in the pack are dead, and contributing to your problems. Use a blunt knife or screw-driver, to pry open the battery. Document the architecture of the battery using a camera and then test all cells using a multimeter. If you identify one or more dead or suspect cells, remove, and replace them with new ones. Re-check the battery to make sure that all components are working well and in place, and reinstall it in your laptop. At this stage, your battery for Acer Aspire 5230 should start working well again.


ACER Aspire 5230 Battery

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