How to plan your home theatre

by Stacy Keibler Web Design Company

Are you planning to transform your living room into a home theatre? Actually it is the process which is always taken for granted. Many of us think that we have quite good idea of things which we want in our Home Theatre Décor. But it is not that easy. Sometimes in home theatre project ramifications lead us to disaster and when we come to realize it, we find that it is too late. We have spent a good amount of money and time on it already.

So before starting this project you should be clear in your mind that where are you actually heading. Different people have different requirements. Some want a real movie theatre experience in their living room while some only want to partition a space in their home for television viewing and gaming. Priorities are different so the things also. We cannot apply same ideas for both of the requirements.

Budget and the space both are the things, we are always constrained by. So before setting our requirements, we should know our restrictions. Then only we should start working on it. And the most important that we should be clear about some questions regarding home theatre decorating in our minds like what type of video equipments, lightings and sitting arrangement is required, how will the room be used etc Once your mind is clear about these questions, be ready o transform your world.

With a home theatre, you will never have to pay for movie tickets and bare a chatter box in a row behind you. You can enjoy movie in a cozy environment with your friends and your family. And now the list of items you must have to purchase to transform your living room.

1- Projector Screen: There is no comparison between a LCD and plasma TV with a projector screen. It definitely adds charm to your home theatre. Either you purchase a fixed wall version of projector screen or the version which pulls down, both gives the experience of a real deal movie. A simple LCD and plasma TV cannot do this.

2- 3D Projector: Yes, you are right. We know you are thinking about the 3 D movies which you were used to watch in your childhood days. Purchase a 3 D projector and it will send you back in your childhood days and you will feel like a kid, no matter what is your age. 3 D glassed comes complementary with this luxury product.

3- Wireless Sound system: Are you still hung up with the wires of your system. Just change it and install a wireless sound system for the crisp surround sound and can be connected to the different sources like television, music player and gaming system at the same time. It can be customized according to your room’s dimension and is easy to install. It assures the top quality sound.

4- Luxury Theatre Seats: Are you ashamed of the old couches, you use to sit while watching television. Just replace it with luxury leather or velvet theatre seats. Make sure that these seats provide full back support and a motorized recline for relaxation. Choose the seats which have snacks and cup holders so that you won’t have to get up in the middle while watching movie.

5- A big Theme: Last but not the least, pay attention on the theme. Home Theatre Drapery will do this work. Decorate your home theatre with velvet curtains to give it a retro vibe. By the theatre decorations, it will definitely resemble a classic cinema.

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