Step by step guide on how to make money with Linkbucks

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How to make money with linkbucks?

1:TUTORIAL (How to make money with linkbucks?)

In this section you will learn how to:

-Start making money with linkbucks, step by step (for beginners)
-Use different methods to make more money from linkbucks
-Use different tips and advanced methods to earn even more money, and also use linkbucks with another programs to earn money from them also.

I learned all these methods by surfing the forums and the internet for a long time... And I think it's better to have them grouped in one place where you can check and compare all of them. Scroll down to start learning ^^

1.1: How does it works? (step by step guide)

Linkbucks is a PTP site (that means "Paid To Post", in this case the things we post are links, pictures,...) where you earn money when someone click a link that you made with linkbucks... The multiple options when converting links, the different ad types, the different alias URL's and the rates (2-3 times higher than any program of this kind) make linkbucks the best program of this kind to make money online fast and easy... On this little guide I will teach you how to start from the very beggining, and when you are used to it, you can learn more methods that will earn you even more cash. But let's start with the basics:
1: Click >>Here<< to register on linkbucks if you are not already registered (Just fill the form, and ensure your Paypal e-mail adress is written corectly)

2: Log in on linkbucks, putting your username and password on the boxes at the top-left corner... You will see something like this:Screenshot #1... Let's explain all the things on that screenshot:

--1: The "Blog" Tab: Here you will see the most important announcements and changes linkbucks has made (Payment processors, payment delays and any other kind of info). This will appear the first when you go to
--2: The "Manage Links" Tab: Here you will see all the links you have created with the "Create links" Tab, as well as the number of visits they have received or the grup they belong, the ad type, etc...
--3: The "Create links" Tab: The most important tab on the site; This is where you convert your normal links into paying ones. We will see more about this tab later on this same tutorial.
--4: The "Earnings" Tab: This is where you request payment when you have reached at least 5$, also you can see your detailed earnings or clicks you receive on each day, as well as other payment requests.
--5: The "Referrals" Tab: Here you will see your 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier referrals, as well as the money they earn you and you referral code to get them.
--6: The "Get Help" Tab: This is where you get info about linkbucks... But this tutorial and this FAQ is far better ^^

--A: The "Today's earnings" Box: This will display your current earnings for the day (This includes your referral earnings as well)
--B: The "Yesterday's Earnings" Box: This will display the money you earned yesterday (Referral earnings also included)
--C: The "Earnings this month" Box: here you will see the money you earned from the beginning of this month to the actual date (Even if you cashout, this number will not decrease)
--D: The "Unpaid Balance" Box: This shows the earnings on your linkbucks account that have not been sent to Paypal yet (Even if you requested payment)
--E: The "Performance Score" Box: This will display your performance score. Performance score reflects where your traffic is coming from, and the higher, the better.

--F: The "Update Account" Tab: On this tab you can change your profile, Paypal account, e-mail, password,...
--G: The "Forums" Tab: This will send you to this GREAT forum, where you can find info and ask questions.
--H: The "logout" Tab: This will log you out from linkbucks (Close your session) so no one can enter your account if you are at a shared computer.

3: If you have a single link to share, follow step #3a, If you have multiple links to share, follow step #3b and If you owe a website, follow step 3c:

-3a: Get a link you want to share (For example: and go to the Create links Tab (Tab #3). Paste the link on the box, select if the link is adult content (+18) or clean content and select ad type (Look Step #3b for more info). Click on "Generate Link"; You will get another link like this: ... That is the link you have to share, you will get money everytime someone clicks on it.

-3b: Get a couple of links you want to share (BBcode or Html code) and go to the Create links Tab (Tab #3)... Then select "Multiple links". This has more options than a single link, so I will explain it with a picture: Screenshot #2 (It's also valid on step 3a and 3c) Ok, let's explain all the things of that screenshot...

--A: The "Type of link" Tab: Here you have to select the number of links you want to create, a sungle one, multiple links or a full website.
--B: The "Link group name" Box: Here you may specify a name for the group of links you are about to create (This is only for a faster recognition on the "manage links" Tab)
--C: The "Html/BBcode" Box: Here you have to paste your Html/BBcode... Use Html for Blogs or websites, and BBcode for forums.
--D: The "Link Exclusions" Box: here you may specify any link(s) you don't want to be converted into linkbucks ones (For example, your blog URL)
--E: The "Target option" Box: Here you may select if you want your links to be open on another window or in the same window when someone clicks them.
--F: The "Landing Page Content" Box: Here you have to select if your links are Adult (+18) or clean (-18). this will determine the kind of ad displayed.
--G: The "Ad Type" Box: Here you have to selcet the kind of ad you want to display. Every ad has pros and cons; Let's see each of them:

---G1: "Intermission Ads": These ads pay the most (1$/2000 clicks) and they display an ad for 15 seconds before they redirect you to the website (Or you can skip them). They are good for practically any link you want to convert (Except for pictures)
---G2: "Top Banner Ads": These ads pay the less (1$/4250 clicks) and they display a banner at the top of the website (you don't have to wait). They are good only when you have no other option than to use them (for example, on a certain forum)
---G3: "Side Banner Ads": These ads pay almost the same as Top Banner 1$/4250 clicks) and they display a banner at the top of the website (you don't have to wait). They are good only when you have no other option than to use them (for example, on a certain forum)

--H: The "Alias URL" Box: Here you can select an Alias URL. An alias URL is a URL that replaces linkbucks on the links you create, without effecting your earnings. For example, is the same as
--I: The "Enable Gallery" Box: If you check this box, a link to a gallery will be displayed (if your content were images) and all the links on that gallery will be linkbucks ones.
--J: The "Generate Links" Button: Click here when you have filled all the boxes and you want your clicks to be created.

-3c: Have you got a website and you want to convert all the links on it into linkbucks? You don't have to go one by one, simply select "full Page script" and you will have one single code. Put that code at the beginning of the html of your website, between the tags and all the links will be converted into linkbucks (You can put link exclusions as well ^^)

4: Now that you have your links converted it's time to learn where to post them and how to earn money for them, because sharing them to a single person will not make you very much money... But don't worry, I will teach you everything you need on the next part of the tutorial ^^

1.2: Earning Methods

Now that you have learned the basics, let's move to a higher level... Ok, you have got your links created and it's now time to post them... Where, do you ask? It all depends on the content, and there are multiple ways of posting them... 
Here I have collected the most effective and important methods, from the most easy to the most advanced; Of course you don't have to use them all, only the ones that fit your content or the ones that require less time... Scroll down to start earning serious money from linkbucks!

1.2.1: The Gallery-Dump method [+18]

This is the oldest method for earning cash on linkbucks, but it's also the easiest one. There are many people using this method, and you have to think that the more people that use a method, the less effective it is... but still you will get an extra 0.5$/day with this method. A lot of people have explained this, so I will only make a re-explanation lol:

This method is all about adult pictures (you will need ~200 pics/day) but don't worry if you haven't got any, here I will teach you how to "steal" them...

1. Go to or . This is where we will take our pictures from. On any of these you can browse the galleries others have posted, so start browsing until you find a gallery you like (For example this one: ).

2. Generate BBcode clicking on "Get all code" (on sharedimages) or "Generate Html or BBcode here" (on imagereverb and imagefap(at the bottom of the page)) .Select 4 pictures a row if you are asked how many pics a row you want and finally, copy the code.

3. Go to Linkbucks>Create Links>Multiple Links and paste the BBcode in the box. Select Adult +18 and Popup as ad type. Copy the code that linkbucks generate.

4. Post that code on different gallery-dumps (these are sites where you dump your galleries of pictures). There are lots of gallery-dumps, I will only suggest some of them: (mikekh10a Apport), or

The master of this method is mikekh10a so you can ask him anything. More tips for this method: By mikekh10a

1.2.2: The Forums method (+18 and -18)

Maybe, this is the method most people use to make money with linkbucks, but it is still as effective as if no one knew of it... Why? Because there are thousands of forums you can choose, so everyone post in different forums and the method don't loose effectivity. With this method you can get from 1$ to 5$ a day, depending on the forums you post. (20 forums > 1$ ; 100 forums > 5$...) Also this method allows you to earn from other sites, and it is unlimited It only depends on the time you want to spend or the forums you want to register. The "Single Thread" method

The most used, and the best forums method for beginners... Maybe it's not the best, but it is the easiest and fastest.

1. Register on some forums (The more you join, the more you will earn); For this example we will be using (+18) but you can use other forums as well. Also we will be using adult pictures to earn from this method, but you can use software, games, wallpapers,...

2. Follow the 3 first steps of the gallery-dump method if you don't know where to get pictures or how to convert them to linkbucks... And login on the forums you just registered.

3. Go to the appropiate section of the forum (In this case "Amateurs") and start a new thread. The title has to be very attractive, as "Hottest Amateurs of all over the world MUST SEE" or something like that. Post the BBcode of your pics there (NOTE: Use at least 40 pictures/thread on this method)

4. That's it, you are already earning ^^. Do this 3-6 times a day if you want to get the best results (less is pointless and more will be considered as spam) and follow the rules of each forum (Basically don't spam and don't post underage content) The "Megathread" method

This is the method I use, and for me it's the best one. The earnings will increase every time you post a gallery (The 1st day you may get 0.2$/gallery but the 2nd month you will get 0.5$/allery or more) and also this method allows you to combine it easily with other sites, as it will be explained on the "Shareimages" and "Depositfiles" methods:

1: Follow the 1st 2 steps from the "Single Thread" Method, as you will also register on some forums.

2: Find the appropiate category (Example: Amateurs) And create a thread, but on the title, don't forget to post something like "Daily Updated" or megathread, or both (Example: The best amateur megathread "Daily updated") This is very important.

3: Post the best gallery you have as the 1st post (A 100 Pics one, full of great photos). This will be the more seen post, so this is also very important.

4: Next day, instead of creating another thread, post a reply on that thread you created (You can bookmark the forums for it to be more easy, or use an autoposting software) and keep doing this daily.

That's it, with this people will see the HUGE nmber of visits and replies your thread has and will enter for sure, getting you clicks on the 1st and last post everyday ^^. I post 3-6 posts a day, simply copy pasting. The "Smart" method

This method is the more advanced of all the forums methods, but also the one wich can get you better results. It's basically a combination of the Single Thread and Megathread methods:

1: First two steps are like the "single thread" method. We will be using forums here as well, and don't worry abut if they have traffic or not.

2: Here comes the part where you have to think... If you see a forum with ~20 or more visits on every thread that has no replies, use the "Megathread method" as it is the best for this case... But if it has 1-5 replies on every thread and there are no new threads today, simply register, post 10 threads with pics and don't come again never at that forum.

3: See your earnings increase from the megathreads you created and also for the single threads on those other forums (As they are not active, you thread will remain on top of all the other threads for a long time and you could get up to 20,000 visits on 2 months) the secret is to choose wisely.

Ok, I think those are all of the Linkbucks used with forums methods. The next methods will simply triple your earnings, using another programs.

1.2.3: The Combi methods

These methods are another methods of making money, without linkbucks, but using them with linkbucks... It's like earning 3 times more by doing practically the same. All these methods pay per click/view/download you receive, so combining them all you could make a living out of this ^^. All pay by paypal and minimum payment is 5-10$. The Sharedimages method

 is an image hosting that pays you 1$/1000 views. Any picture you upload will earn you money and adult content is allowed.

1: Register on sharedimages HERE.

2: Get some pictures as stated on the first 2 steps from the "GalleryDump" method, but don't convert them to linkbucks.

3: DOWNLOAD those pictures to your computer, using Bulk Image Downloader (Shareware) or Image Host Grabber (Freeware). These will be the pictures we will upload to sharedimages.

4: Create an album called something like "Hot amateurs" or "Freeware" if you are not posting adult content. Upload your pictures to that album.

5: When it has finished, click on "Get all code" and generate "HotlinkImage" Code. Cloak the links with linkbucks and proceed like the "Single Thread" or "Megathread" methods (The only difference is that the code we will be using is the one we generated with sharedimages)

Yeah, I know this will make you loose 5 more minutes while posting galleries, but think this way: You get 2000 clicks on linkbucks and, consequently, 2000 views on sharedimages. You get 0.85$ on linkbucks (POPUP) and 2$ on sharedimages ^^ It is really worth it. The Depositfiles method

This method will use Depositfiles and linkbucks to earn money. Depositfiles is a paying file hoster that will pay you 5-10$/1000 downloads. This method is the best to use with freeware, but with pictures is also fantastic:

1: Register on depositfiles HERE

2: Get some pictures, software or whatever you want to share. Download them to your computer.

3: Upload it to depositfiles; When you get the download link, cloak it with linkbucks and paste it on some forums... There are 2 ways of doing this:

-3a: Software: Post on a software forum: The screencap uploaded by sharedimages and cloaked with linkbucks and the download link uploaded by depositfiles and also cloaked with linkbucks.

-3b: Adult pictures: Post you galleries as you would normally do, but add the download link to download each gallery at the end of the post (Uploaded by depositfiles and cloaked with linkbucks)...

Yes, I know, you will lose another 5 minutes/gallery doing this, but let's see the earnings: From the 2000 people who see your gallery, only 100 of them downloads the gallery: You get 0.85$ from Linkbucks, 2$ with sharedimages (If you used the sharedimages method) and 0.5$-1$ from depositfiles. If you use software, earnings are practically the same ^^

1.2.4: The Website Method

Owning a website or a blog (Not made on blogger) is the best way of making money with linkbucks; Not many people have a good website, but the ones who have one can make lots of money. You can make easily 10$ a day if you have a high traffic website (That's how people get 20$ daily here on linkbucks). How to do it:

1: Create a website or a blog and post good unique content. Get traffic to your site by autosurfers, traffic exchange, SEO, backlinks... Attracting traffic is the most difficult part, but if you keep posting daily it will be easier.

2: Once you have a medium-high traffic website/blog, It's time to put ads like adsense or any other things, like linkbucks for all your links. Don't do this untill you have a minimum traffic or people will leave your website instantly.

3: Create a fullpage script on linkbucks. Put POPUP as ad type and put the link exclusions you want, etc... Linkbucks will then give you a short code; Copy it.

4: Go to your website/blog and edit the html code. The html code will have a tag at the beggining and a tag at the end. Just paste the code between these two tags it's as simple as that ^^

5: Go to your website once the code has been added and click a random link on it. If a linkbucks link appears instead of a normal link, the code is working properly. Check also that the linkbucks link redirects you to the original page.

I will use this method when the blogger bug is solved and when I get some more traffic on my blog... This is the most difficult method to earn money, but once you have a good traffic, you don't have to worry anymore... You will be earning for doing nothing. 
1.3: Maximize your earnings
Now we have seen all the methods for earning cash, but if they are not used properly, they can result on earning less or earning nothing... Here we will see some tips to get more earnings:
1.- Use POPUP Ad type always when you post galleries. This is the most important rule if you don't want people to click only 1 link instead of 30 also people will not get annoyed ^^

2.- Don't post all your galleries at once. Either if it is the gallery-dump or the forums method you will get less clicks.

3.- Don't post more than 6 galleries a day (3 on some cases). Posting more will get you banned from any forum, and also you will run out of pics faster.

 4.- Get as many referrals as possible. Referrals will earn you more money even if you are doing nothing.
Proceed to video Tutorial ...

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