How to make cake balls – A simple cake balls recipe.

by April Li Internet Consultant

“How to make cake balls” is actually a very simple and painless question to answer. I will detail below simple, short and easy to follow directions on how to make cake balls.

First of all, you need a cake. This tutorial does not go over how to make a cake, but if you’d like to know how or would like to learn how to make delicious, low carb cakes, I’ve left a link below to my personal secret resource for making unbelievable cakes.

How to make cake balls begins with a good cake, click here to learn more.

To begin your journey on learn how to make cake balls, you need three different ingredients. A baked and cooled cake (get the flavor that you want your cake balls to reflect), frosting, and if you want, something to dip them in (chocolate, etc.) Recommended if you choose to add a coating is chocolate bark, which can be bought at any grocery store and must be melted in the microwave. You can choose any sort of chocolate dipping if you wish though. One cake, a can of frosting, and a package of chocolate bark (24oz) should be enough for 25-30 cake balls or less.

How to make cake balls: Step 1

Simply bake a cake. A normal pan will do since you will be destroying the cake anyways. When it comes out of the oven, let it cool for half and hour. Take a bowl and crumble the cake with your hands. If you wish, you can use a mixer or similar device to create fine crumbles.

How to make cake balls: Step 2

Add 3/4ths of the can of frosting into the crumbles and mix it in. Add more frosting if it seems dry. If you desire a cake ball that has the consistency of cake, then use less frosting. Do the opposite if you desire a cake ball that is smoother. When you are done, put them in the freezer for 30 minutes-2 hours. This is because if you try to roll the balls at room temperature, they will crumble back into pieces. Take them back out after the wait and you can now roll them into balls of the size you want. After you have created your cake balls, put them back into the freezer. I recommend a plastic container but a cookie sheet works just as well.

How to make cake balls: Step 3

Your cake balls will be in the freezer for 6 hours. During this time, you can prepare the coating if you want it on your cake balls. Heat the bark or your substitute in the microwave in a safe container or a sauce pan at very low heat. Break up the chocolate to increase melting speeds and don’t overheat the chocolate or it will burn and you’ll have a mess on your hands!

When you take the cake balls out of the freezer, you can either stop there or apply the coating. If you do go with the coating, recommended tools to dip the cake balls in the chocolate with include a toothpick, a fork/spatula combination, or a fork. Some tips include only coating a few balls at a time because if the cake balls start to thaw, they will be harder to coat. Also, the chocolate is harder to use if it starts to cool, so be wary of that.

Congratulations, you have just finished learning how to make cake balls! Let the cake balls thaw and enjoy.  This has been a very simple tutorial but if you’d like to go more in depth on how to create cake balls/cake pops or would like to learn how to make amazingly tasty low fat, low carb desserts, check out the secret recipes from the link below that I used to create this tutorial and what I use to create all the other desserts I make.

How I make cake balls and other amazing desserts.

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